Mixing Personal Mastery & Business Mastery Gracefully!
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the quality of being graceful, stylish, pleasingly ingenious & simple


To Achieve Your Desired Aims

Our Core Foundation “Grace” - simple elegance or refinement of movement.
Synonymous to : stylishness, poise, finesse, charm; dexterity, fluidity of movement, fluency, flow, smoothness, ease, effortlessness

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Overwhelmed To Upscaling & Delegating

1,000,000 thank yous are in order for helping me to recondition MY mind in making moves for MYSELF. Sometimes we get so engrossed in the pursuit of our vision that we often neglect ourselves! I've been able to make some amazing life changing decisions post working with Menellia and I'm really excited!

Serial Entrepreneur “Brick & Mortar Biz” - Mandisa Morrison St.Lucia

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Massive Shift After 4 Years Of Struggling…

Menellia Has The Best Business Suggestions. I Gained Great Clarity On My Message And Of My Client Wants And Needs. I Got So Much Done In 3 Hours Than I Did In 4 Years. Thank You So Much. Thank You For Believing In Me. Thank You For Taking A Chance On Me.Thank You For Seeing My Passion & Vision. I Am So Grateful For Help And Your Wisdom.

Cert Clinical Nutritionist - Sherline White www.periodgoddess.com New York

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Reenergized, Steadfast & Focused In Her New Biz

Menellia is such an amazing spirit. She has a way of telling you exactly what you need, in an honest, simple and understanding way. I love the guidance she gives, because she does not only give me TONS of energy, but she has a way of simplifying EXACTLY what you need to do, and she always adds proper value to our conversations. So beyond happy that I discovered her….

Relationship Coach Tiffany Gnaly– www.tiffanygnaly.com “Norway”

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Bonjour Darling.

And Welcome To The High Styled Life!
I’m Menellia - Your Elegant Success Coach!

Here's a hint: Maybe you have limits to resources, opportunities, or even money. Maybe the joy you once had is no longer there. Maybe you're searching for freedom! Do you resonate?

4 years ago I made the decision to shift my angry self-release blog into a lifestyle blog with a focus on sharing more inspiration and joy. Unknowingly to me, this avenue would lead me to work with some amazing women around the world, create some irreplaceable friendships and magnetized some opportunities I never dreamed of. Of course, I was afraid. I questioned the shift. Am I really capable? Who am I to want more sweet success? Why should I break the status quo pattern? BE CONTENT!
But that fire kept wanting to be ignited!

I got my breakthrough from people pleasing and being the hero to everyone in an unexpected argument in Paris 2014- "which we'll get to". But when I started to invest in me slowly, it was freaking scary! I was using my savings to get support, to learn how to be resourceful & I started to work with coaches to help me align my vision and my purpose here on this planet!
I wanted to create a DIFFERENCE! And So I Did!

That journey allowed me to develop the "ELEGANT SUCCESS FRAMEWORK" - 4 amazingly powerful pillars that allows you to actively shift your reality in a way that allows bliss, joy and savvy confidence! Personal growth does not have to be a rigid masculine approach. Yes, part of it requires some CEO type elements, but it is just that... a PERSONAL JOURNEY! Which means you have to power and choice to cultivate one that feels really good and aligns to you! Maybe you're chic, maybe you're not... you decide how you infuse the elements. If you are tired of the scarcity, and you would love to embody an elegant approach to self-transformation, I've prerecorded a 45-minute soiree with you in mind. You have a burning desire to ignite your true power and your chic feminine nature so why not now! Bienvenue/Welcome

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