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  • Quit living a lackluster life where fear, doubt, depression and energy drains rule?
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Let me show you how to cultivate more fun, freedom & abundance in your life and business with my "MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES TRAINING" ! 


I'm Menellia Valcent

Caribbean island girl, Franchophile & go to Success Coach & Mindset Mentor who USED HER DARKEST TRAUMAS & CHALLENGES to create an avenue to support entrepreneurial transform their lives, businesses & mindset from fear, scarcity & lack  to SEXY ABUNDANT SUCCESS WITH FLOW!

You have been through a lot. And now you're HUNGRY for change. You want more of what's out there. A better lifestyle, healthy happy abundance,  high quality values, and you're ready to tell your challenges, mindset blocks and feelings of unworthiness to hit the curb!! You are magnetic and total alignment is available to you.  And there's no better time than now, to make that a reality!

Through embracing vulnerabilty, get ready to increase your confidence, create intentional living, and cultivate elegant success by owning your power; so that you can become your highest more successful self in business! If you're here to impact the world and change your current state into something unrecognizable, then you're in the right place.