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Are You Totally Over Living The Lackluster Lifestyle & Masking Your Desires For Creating Impact With Your Own Online Business??It's Time For Your Success & Mindset Transformation Journey!

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Bonjour Darling,
Are You Ready To

  • Quit living a lackluster life where fear, doubt, depression and energy drains rule?
  • Start creating value filled goals and habits AND step into that identity of your highest self "the one you imagine who rules the world"?
  • Start taking consistent, productive & confident action towards your personal, business or career goals?
  • Start intentionally creating your ideal reality?

I see so many women living lackluster lives, just going with the motions, holding on to lack of fulfillment, steering away from their north stars "the inner desires"; until "life cracks". This happened to me at 25 from high energy, partying, “living life" to meltdown and depression where I realized that I really wasn't living my truth at all. I was simply following the crowd and doing what everyone else was doing.And today it is my mission to guide abundant, happy women who are here to created positive change and impact this world by stepping into the highest version of themselves. Does that sound like you? Let me show you how in my "CRUSH YOUR GOALS LIKE A BADASS TRAINING" Where you get to "Discover your true purpose & lock in that big picture vision;  Identify your traumas & limits and begin cultivating daily mindset mastery habits!


Couch Chat With Me As I Answer Your Success, Mindset & Goal Harvesting Related Questions Around Life & Biz!

The HIGH STYLED LIFE CAFÉ is a couch chat session where I walk you through your reclaiming your mindset & personal power as a woman. Every week a new episode is  highlights wealth and abundance, goals, and cultivating rituals & habits geared towards your self transformation as a woman! Catch up on our latest episodes & subscribe to be notified every week!Watch More Now!

Your Success & Mindset Mentor

About Menellia Valcent.jpeg

Hailing from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Menellia Valcent is the Success Coach & Mindset Mentor behind the High Styled Life community. She helps women increase their confidence & their mindset power in order to create stylish lives & businesses they love. 

Compiling her 10 years of corporate experience as an administrative team supervisor and product sales representative,stakeholder event planning & working on some world climate changing environmental projects; plus her trainings with some of the top success coaches in the world "including Brendon Burchard, Sherina Mayani, Jessica Caver, Tonya Leigh & Gina Devee" she makes vulnerability, goal setting & living life fun & impactful!

She also possesses a professional certificate in Supervisory Management as well as a  certificate in International Leadership & Organisational Behavior from Bocconi University , have worked with women across the globe & a few global fashion brands when she began her journey as a blogger; and her work can be seen featured on some of the online worlds top platforms including "The Huffington Post, LogoJoy, Self Development Secrets & Sivana East."

She is also  the executive producer & host of THE HIGH STYLED LIFE CAFE (previously titled The Personal Development Cafe) on iTunes, which debuted at New & Noteworthy on iTunes across the Society & Culture category during its first year. Curious to know how Menellia went from an unknown depressed mess to serving global women, collaborating with brands, and creating impact with other amazing fempreneur friends with a business she loves "whilst still in her 9-5"READ MORE ABOUT MENELLIA'S STORY HERE!