Create A #HighStyledLife By Becoming Your Own Success Connoisseur!!

I'm Menellia Valcent; Success Coach & Mindset Mentor
For Entrepreneurial & Corporate Women!

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Before you dive into the professional section I would love for you to really get to know me. First off, I'm a Caribbean girl, Francophile/LOVER OF THE FRENCH CULTURE; and when I'm in the kitchen it's a fancy affair with myself & a glass of wine. When I created the High Styled Life Community, I wanted to show my personality. I wanted to create a business that reflected what I stand for & what I love. I believe that a great pair of heels, a glass of wine, chocolate AND THE RIGHT MINDSET & ATTITUDE can solve almost anything!!  But it didn't start there. OH NOOO

Imagine...crying yourself to sleep from stress and worry and anger and pain. That was me. Imagine, sweeping your hair off the floor from the result of anxiety and high-level stress, and negativity because the answers you need aren't showing up! That was me again. Imagine being so financially stressed that you can't even afford a proper meal. Me again.  Now imagine, stepping off a plane in Paris and thinking "wowww, I can't believe that I am here. You guessed it. Moi.

If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be where I am right now I would laugh. Me? Introverted, people pleasing, never vocal, in debt Menellia? Never.... But it did somehow, someway happen. And if I were too fast forward to today I wouldn't; because I would miss out on the art of cultivating the a lifestyle & mindset I have now.

It hasn't been a smooth sailing, but the rough waters of lessons and training have helped me cultivate what's important to my well-being, my happiness, my Joie De Vivre. And I spill my metamorphosis in this post because when I got clarity on what I wanted, I became dedicated and remained persistent! When all the signs said noooooo this isn't for you, you're not cut out for this, you're not good enough, just be comfortable and grateful and all that, I pressed on.

Had I listened to that ego mindset I wouldn't have developed this passionate brand, learn how to speak in public "this girl was a crier”, work with women across the world, nor become my highest performing self-doing the things I realllllly love!! And it's really important for me to share my vulnerability with you too. 

I don't have all the answers, but I know this truth - when you stop resisting, MAGIC REALLLLY happens! When you allow yourself to step into the highest version of you with confidence, your life TRANSFORMS! 

It took me a very long 4+ years to get from indifferent, stressed out, doubting myself & afraid of creating a success & a lifestyle where my happiness & positive energy is the center of everything. But you don't have to go through the pain anymore. Because I'm going to show you how to cultivate an elegantly successful happy lifestyle,whether you're in your 9-5 or you're building your online business. Let's get started!


Professional Bio\"third person style"

Hailing from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Menellia Valcent is the Success Coach & Mindset Mentor behind the High Styled Life community. She helps women increase their confidence & their mindset power in order to create stylish lives & businesses they love. 

Compiling her 10 years of corporate experience as an administrative team supervisor and product sales representative,stakeholder event planning & working on some world climate changing environmental projects; plus her trainings with some of the top success coaches in the world "including Brendon Burchard, Sherina Mayani, Jessica Caver, Tonya Leigh & Gina Devee" she makes vulnerability, goal setting & living life fun & impactful!

She also possesses a professional certificate in Supervisory Management as well as a  certificate in International Leadership & Organisational Behavior from Bocconi University , have worked with women across the globe & a few global fashion brands when she began her journey as a blogger; and her work can be seen featured on some of the online worlds top platforms including "The Huffington Post, LogoJoy, Self Development Secrets & Sivana East."

She is also  the executive producer & host of THE HIGH STYLED LIFE CAFE(previously titled The Personal Development Cafe) on iTunes, which debuted at New & Noteworthy on iTunes across the Society & Culture category during its first year. Curious to know how Menellia went from an unknown depressed mess to serving global women, collaborating with brands, and creating impact with other amazing fempreneur friends with a business she loves "whilst still in her 9-5"?
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"“After a 4 hour session with Menellia every aspect of my life has improved. I was introduced to “techniques” which at first didn’t make much sense to me, until I opened up to them and can now say because of this, I am a more relaxed and more focused individual. By going within my traumatic memories I was able to control my emotions and release negative energies. I also identified situations where I would get angry and react and have now been able to control myself and let go of the past and other things in my life which kept me back, weighed me down and prevented me from moving forward and making progress. I am very happy to have worked with Menellia especially as she made opening up very easy. She has helped me get closer to being the person I always wanted to be. Thank you Menellia!”



& How I Help You Get To Where You Want To Be

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I strongly believe that every woman is capable of transforming her reality. She can have the job, the success, the business, the elegance she desires regardless of her current circumstances. The ugly stories you’ve been taught have kept you chained up in that mindset of lack, pain and fear; and the time has come for you to own your power. I see you because I’ve been you.

  • You’re yearning to truly live an abundant life
  • You’re desiring to take your talents and embrace your passion to build your own business
  • Or you already have your own business, yet still playing hide and seek behind your laptop screen because you’re afraid that no one will want to work with you, pay you and you’re simply wasting your time.

Darling lady, I want to share with you that longer have to hold on to your denial and fears, the harder it becomes for you to change that story. I founded the High Styled Life for Entrepreneurial & Corporate women who have become disconnected with their true desires, ridden with doubts and traumas and fear owning up to their innate truths. For the woman who knows that deep inside she is capable of living the life she wants. For the woman who is ready to commit to her transformation. Because guess what, there is no guilt or shame for wanting to break that negative belief and habit cycle you’ve been forced to adopt for your entire life!

Like the alchemist your inner being knows that there's a greater purpose and a greater life for you. If you're here to begin your self-transformation journey just like the caterpillar into the butterfly, you're in the right place. If you’re here to couple your mindset breakthrough with building your own online business with confidence, you’re in the right place. Your time has come to spread your wings & soar darling. So what are you waiting for? Let's un-tame your mind & reclaim your power as you BECOME YOUR OWN SUCCESS CONNOISSEUR?


A connoisseur has to go through the process of analysis before authenticating and validating the best artwork, wine, meal etc, this is how I help you become your own version. It sounds sexy and simple, but a winemaker has to sow, sort, reap, before he can enjoy the rewards of his labor. And through my private 1:1 mentorship "Design Your High Styled Life Your Way" ,12 month coaching membership  "High Styled Society" and business foundation program "Bold Business Babes™", I support you in eliminating the stress involved in revamping and transforming your life & business including "getting clear on your personal & business goals, cultivating an abundance mindset, overcoming your confidence blocks & limitations and designing your own version of success leading up to fulfilled living! We Dissect, We Analyse, We Cleanse, & We Create the life & success YOU and ONLY You Can connect to.
In order words I help you create elegant success with more grace & style!

are you ready to become your own success connoisseur?



“Thanks for refreshing my energy and awakening my motivation again, when I hear you I release all the bad and I cling to your word of love. A great pleasure to have spoken to you today and hope to meet you in person in the future.”


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