Toi et Moi "you+me"


If there was a modern day Audrey Hepburn of life design & online business strategy, that would be moi ~ I'm a Caribbean girl, devout Francophile & your  coach who's passionate about cultivating success elegantly!"

If you landed here, then chances are you were searching for an answer, a way, a liberation to getting your business & life from stuck in a desolate place to consistent growth. And what you’ve been doing is not working! You're probably afraid to use your voice, you're self-sabotaging, and you wish you could balance out your life & business building with more ease.

So here’s the 411 my darling. I've learn that to get to the next level you have to create a new foundation "emotionally, physically and spiritually"!!  And it's quite simple i assure you.  So let's scratch out "what you've been doing, because yes it has gotten you to where you are today, however, it won't get you to the next level. So let's take a new approach to it!

Because my goal is to help you grow your business with intention & cultivate your lifestyle to represent bliss! And more importantly we're gonna do it with ease!


So let's talk about how you can lean into that version of you!

I love the terminology "connoisseur". It's fancy & daring. 

A connoisseur has to go through the process of analysis before authenticating and validating the best artwork, wine, meal. And I know it sounds sexy and simple, but a winemaker has to sow, sort, reap, before he can enjoy the rewards of his labor. You're not alone in this game my darling. And your setback is just the spark you needed to ignite your comeback!The elegant success approach allows you to step outside of what you're used to & instead come into connection with your true essence, your inner soul & infuse that into your lifestyle & business structure. I like to call the ultimate process, becoming your own success connoisseur through 3 foundational pillars


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  • You're spending so much time in the busy matrix, you have no time for your own well being & pleasure
  • You're holding unto a scarcity paradigm and replaying the same old ugly story which keeps you stuck
  • You're constantly self sabotaging by seeing your weaknesses as just that "weaknesses"
  • You're people pleasing, lacking confidence, self worth and ready to step into your soul growth
  • You're wondering how do you double your business growth, sales and client reach or even book your first clients.
  • You're not sure how to package an offerings that converts prospects into clients or even WHAT to offer.
  • You're going CRAZYYYY over which systems should you implement to maximize your productivity because there are soooo many
  • You're you're so overwhelmed with how to visually present your brand, message and service?
  • You're insecure about how to serve with that amazing gift of yours so instead you're always giving away your service for free... 
  • You have no balance in your life and business "lack energy,pleasure consistent drive and focus"

What You Will  Create From Working With Me

  • An Impactful & Effectively Running Back End Office & Profitable Service Based Business Structure

  • A Concise And Easy To Execute Business Growth Plan & Strategy

  • Personal Mastery & A Mindset To 10x Your Life & Business Success Acceleration!

  • And Mostly Important More Liberation & More Joy!

So if that's you and you’re looking for a savvy yet butt-kicking mentor who can help you expand your business empire BECAUSE you're tired of wondering HOW THE HECK DO I MAKE THIS ALL TIE TOGETHER... THEN, POUR SOME WINE BECAUSE YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!


The bottom line is? I’ve got you my darling.  Because over the past 10 years, I’ve mastered the art of self growth, productivity, living my best life &  closed 6 figure proposals and tenders in 7 figure corporate organizations I’ve worked, helped dozens of entrepreneurs figure out everything they need to run a successful business using an effective combination of mindset, lifestyle and strategy, and worked with hundredsof women in experiencing their very own metamorphosis.

Office Location — Rodney Bay, GI Saint Lucia (758) 717-4224

Welcome To The elegant success Atelier!

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