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So Here’s The Super Cool Background…

I was never the girl who spoke up for herself. I allowed others to say as they pleased, do as they pleased & I put everyone else by myself first. Until I cracked in my own quarter life when everything fell apart. The job, the apartment, the relationship, and the health. My stress levels went from zero to 100 in a matter of a month & it was then that I made the decision “never again”. From here on I will give myself permission to elevate. I will create my own high styled life and I will make no apologies about it.

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of women around the world elevate their prosperity mindsets, shift their lives and create & achieve some amazinggg super awesome goals during my first year of coaching as a lifestyle coach; traveled to Paris twice for my vacation during the last 2 years, collaborated & worked with some amazing coaches and above all cultivated my own happy healthy life…


You know how we're raised to be the hero to everyone else as women yet almost no one teaches us to be the hero of ourselves. At least that's how I was raised. Take care of everyone, you're the leader, set an example, everyone first and then you can take care of you?

Yet, the softness required to take care of you has been hardened for decades it's become lost in translation. This is when we tend to break down. Because after all..who's going to save us from well “ourselves” the dis-empowering version of course. I know that story.. I lived that story. And then a blank slate was handed to me by life. This is why teaching women how to become fully empowered by their energy, by their purpose, by their desires so that they can continue to serve from a space of joy and not...resentment or guilt drives me out of bed every day. To know that there’s a woman out there who’s taking action on her life, who’s getting ready for work in the morning with joy and excitement in her heart, who’s preparing her daughter for school with a fun jam in the background who’s working with a client and giving her absolute presence and value and who is doing it all with confidence and enthusiasm & I supported her in crafting that reality.