It’s Time To Heal Your Emotional Drains & Step Into Your Most Potent, Confident & Luscious Life darling!


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Before you waste another 100 hours reading 5 more self help books READ THIS…

EVERY NEXT LEVEL BRINGS UP DEEPER FEARS... and it takes COURAGE to remove the mask of perfection you’re holding over your pain. I learned a lesson not too long ago - You don't drown by falling in a river...You drown by staying there. In life we always have choices. The choice to accept whatever hardships may come our way,wallow in the self pity,asking God & The Universe "What The Hell Did I Do Wrong". OR You have the choice to fight. To fight for the betterment of yourself. To fight to turn your struggles around and use them to your advantage.

Unfortunately, so many Woman are hiding Behind their Masks and don’t utilize this powerful Life Transforming Opportunity So let me tell you how I got here...

Years Ago, I fell into a quarter life crisis. I was so stressed out that

  • My hair started to fall so I had to cut it myself with a blunt scissors.. “horrible”

  • My Financial crisis was through the roof a.k.a broke as fuck

  • I was stuck in my over-giving and people pleasing mode

  • I moved out of my apartment because of mold, took up a new one I could barely afford, and slept on the floor on a comforter for 3 months whilst trying to figure my ish out

But during that time, I went to work every day with a smile on my face as if it was all ok. I laughed whilst I cried on the inside. I hid behind my own mask during the day whilst I prayed deeply for a breakthrough before bed

All I saw were obstacles upon obstacles and above all.. I HAD NO ONE TO SAVE ME!

A huge part of the problem was that my thinking & feelings were completely out of whack. UNTIL, I DECIDED TO TAKE A DEEP CLEANSING BREATH AND SAVED MY SELF! AND IT WAS HARD… LONG.. BUT REWARDING!

I want you to know that you CAN shift your reality. You can create the life & business of your dreams. You can build your self confidence once again. You can have that peace and clarity in the morning. You can have that sexy vibrant connection to your body, mind and soul… BUT YOU CAN’T DO IT BY SITTING IN YOUR ISH, MARINATING IN YOUR PAIN….WAITING!

So before you waste another red cent on ANOTHER SELF HELP BOOK you must know these 3 secrets:


Are you holding unto those scraps hoping that it will piece itself back together… no.. forward darling, forward


Are you still operating with the same attitude and mindset that got you where you are in the first place? That’s not going to work love


Are you praying about it, reading all those affirmations, whilst you wait for the world to do it’s magic? That is good, but it’s not all..


It’s your choice. Your life. Your Success. Your Future. YOUR TRANSFORMATION!

I only have limited spaces available for calls. The women I select to talk to are the ones I believe that I can help scale with grace. To host an amazing session, the more information in this application the better.,. Of course your personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. You can rest in knowing my lips are sealed. Let’s get started by selecting a time below that works for you and my team. Your time zone should be automatically detected, but if it doesn’t come up simply change it in the drop down box below. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to chat love. Let’s Activate Your Elegant Success!




Menellia is such an amazing spirit. She has a way of telling you exactly what you need, in an honest, simple and understanding way. I love the guidance she gives, because she does not only give me TONS of energy, but she has a way of simplifying EXACTLY what you need to do, and she always adds proper value to our conversations. So beyond happy that I discovered her…. Relationship Coach Tiffany – “Norway”


I am very happy with the support I received from Menellia, she was clear and precise with all the information she shared with me. I was able to regain my lost motivation and officially launch my blog while going to school, and regardless of the time difference she was only a message away. I learned so much about myself during this journey especially that I should stay motivated no matter the difficulty and it is ok to seek assistance. I learned to make a timeline and plan on the things I want to attain and working towards them step by step. Moving forward, I am really excited about embracing my courage and adding goals to my timeline as it is so satisfying when you are working towards the goal. Thank you very much!!!Thank you for your expertise! - Tara Edward - Fashion Marketing Student & Model


We decided to have a chat over tea or coffee & since then it’s been history. I am soo excited and so happy to be working with such a phenomenal individual. Her mindset is where is should be, she’s aligned with everything, the quality of work is impeccable & I am still in shock! - Pamela R. Manager Asia

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“We’re taught to be the hero to everyone else as women yet almost no one teaches us to be the hero to ourselves. Take care of everyone, you’re the leader, set an example, everyone first and then you can take care of you? Yet, the softness required to take care of you has been so hardened for decades, that it becomes lost in translation. This is when we tend to break down…..

That's where I come in. This is a haven for activating & reinventing your determination and focus towards your self care,personal confidence & your goals.

I used to feel like as a small island girl I has no purpose but to remain confined int he box I was taught growing up. Go to school, get really good grades, a great job, and you know how the story goes… but that book shifted after great job.. I have replaced waking up every morning with dread that I had to put on a fake smile for hours to the world when inside I'm crying for help with an actual real joyful smile. I have replaced sweeping my hair off the floor from stress levels through the roof with ease on an afternoon. I've replaced chronic migraines 10 times a month with the occasional twice a year "because there are those days". I've replaced constant fatigue and with healthy energy and emotional wealth.



My mission is to support women cleansing the shame they hold around not being where they believe they should be in their lives. There are millions of women walking around holding up the mask of perfection from the guilt and shame they fear from not already reaching their full potential.The mask of pretense from the lack of confidence and suffocation from deplete. I am here to help them release that tension to be able to breathe and to finally let go of that chained to scarcity syndrome.

You may be going through a phase where it feels like a “quarter life crisis” which just won’t come to an end. Your goals are misaligned or non existent, your mindset isn’t strong and you’re suffering from a lack of high performance in your professional or personal life. You’re at crossroads, but don’t know which direction to take… it’s OK; because I’ve been there. I’ve lived there, but I’ve gotten out of there. So I want to assure you that you can as well..

Over the last 2 years of developing this community I have come to learn & I fully understand that every woman’s vision for her life is unique and enriching. Yet they all share the same narratives & limiting beliefs. Underneath it all, ultimately she wants freedom. She wants more joy, more energy,more confidence, more enlightenment and more purpose in her life. She desires to own her strengths and step into her full unapologetic power as she gives herself permission to thrive. To live a life of confidence and abundance...That's why you were navigated here...because you’re searching for a map….

Finding your voice amidst the pain and putting you first is the driving factor behind creating a life you’re the driver of! So when I could not do any of that, I turned to writing out my emotions on a little blog.. A decade later into the personal development world, & becoming a master at online business I’m here to teach emotionally drained women how to redefine & navigate their own journeys through activating their best seasons in life & business!

I never knew that I would get to this phase, as I started this journey simply desiring to overcome my own quarter life drains. But as passion developed, my gift for helping women intensified. The last 2 years provided me the avenue to begin coaching & supporting women globally “something I never imagined” but the process has helped me refine the framework to be as unique as possible to every woman who steps into the Atelier….


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Menellia Valcent is a Mindset Makeover Maven & Lifestyle Success Coach for women and brings to this game over a mix of 10 years of corporate experience in administration & supervisory + the last 2 years in high performance coaching. She is certified in Supervisory Management from the University of The West Indies & her main mission is to guide global women into becoming their own lifestyle connoisseurs.

Alongside her 9-5, she has spent the last 3 years working with & teaching thousands of global women how to shift their mindsets and lives post their quarter life crisis. During that time she garnered publications & live interviews on platforms such as Jennifer Hardie’s Unstoppable podcast,Choice TV, Radio Caribbean International, Business Focus Magazine, Thrive Global & The Huffington Post to name a few.

Menellia has trained for a year in High Performance Coaching & Strategy with Brendon Burchard, Online Business & Coaching through Sherina Mayani, Melanie Duncan & Gina Devee and is an avid joie de vivre enthusiast & student of Tonya Leigh’s Lifestyle programs. Her approach to coaching is a mix of Power Mindset Activation, Goal Setting, Money Mentality & Poise..

When she’s not working or coaching, she spends her time indulging in french TV series, listening to café jazz or absorbing some style inspiration from bloggers. She lives & operates with the mindset that in order to create long lasting success, a woman must embody her inner queen & take action as such.

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