You are not going to pay off that 20k debt unless to turn up the dial! here’s how i did it in 1 year!

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So here’s the thing… WOW… Where do I start?

First of all this post is not meant to trigger the eff out of you… “or is it”, probably yes it is. In fact I hope it does because guess what, I want YOU to know that you have the potential and the capacity to expand your life to the next level just like that! I was never the woman who embraced debt. In fact, it cringed me. I felt caved in, I felt flustered all the time, I felt like this was a never ending story of bills upon bills upon bills! Until I started to do a few things differently. When you know that you’re ready for the next level of your life, your mental capacity to think outside the box begins to explode.

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I felt the need to step into my purpose & start living the next level of my life, so I made a $15k investment in myself because I needed to go there. In the moment it felt good, it felt great because I was not holding back and I knew that deep down the promise from that investment would eventually unfold. However, I didn’t know that my money mindset at the time was shit, so when the aftermath of payments set in, I was going crazy.

It felt like the more I paid the money minimum the longer the about stayed. On top of that I had already made a $12k investment for the year so you know…..I naturally felt like I was in the sh*t. But it was doable, I knew that. I just needed to figure out the fastest and most possible way to do so. And so I launched a a business. I knew that If I could bring in more income FASTER I could get rid of this debt faster. But even that required some level of investment that I was not willing to dive in at the time. Hell I was trying to get rid of some, not rack it up. It was nerve wrecking..


You’ve heard the term “when you want something all the universe conspires to help you” right. That’s exactly what happened…in a sense. Instead of fearing my massive pile of debt, I embraced it and became intimate with it. Here’s the sequence:

  1. I added up all my debts owed into a spreadsheet, who it was owed to, and how much was paid off

  2. Then I created a graph so that I could WATCH IT decrease every month

  3. I started to have money dates.

  4. I increased my prices and started to boss up in my business.

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  • Let’s start at number 1 - unless you get intimate with the amount you owe down to the t it will feel like it’s always there. It’s very conventional to shove the bills aside or steer clear of logging into you billing accounts because you simply cannot muster another mini heart attach then deep breath. YUP.. you know what I’m talking about. The first step to financial freedom is not just making more money. It’s understanding where you are and accepting that for what it is. I knew that when I made these investments they were with good purpose. I learned from the experiences they went to, and I enjoyed them. So I began to shift my mental approach to looking at my debt and embraced them.

  • Secondly, adding the graph illustration became a fun approach for motivating to keep going, paying more than the minimum and closing out in lump-sums when I could in order to save interest. It can seem depressing in the beginning, but totally life changing. For example, If I knew that paying 5 months would equate to $5k, but If I saved 2 months worth of interest that would mean an additional 2k in my bank account. The goal of the graph was to give me room to play with the numbers as I thought about the long term benefits and not the short term “pain” for a lack of a better word.

  • I started to add up my additional expenses. These money dates came in very handy because it showed me additional places I was LOSING or rather WASTING money. I started to track my monthly expenses by collecting all my receipts or logging down in a spreadsheet “old school” if no receipt was given. I then categorized the receipt at the end of EVERY MONTH and DO YOU KNOW WHAT I FOUND….I spent wayyyyyy too much unnecessary money on buying food out. Fast foods by the way. A money date is where you begin to make smarter financial decisions by taking stock of what’s happening and adjusting to suit the version you want. This includes business expenses “for example, I gave up lead-pages since I have access to unlimited pages in Squarespace, learned some css tricks and voila..$49 saved monthly”.

  • And lastly, I upped my business game. Of course, the best way to make more money if to bring in more revenue right. So I shifted and started positioning myself as a high end coach instead of selling quick $24 PDFs and courses that required more work from me for the same end results “sales”. When I looked at my business from the long term vision I have for it I realized that a hundred small courses were not sustainable nor productive. Yes they were good, BUT If it will take me 1 week to make $500 through 5 live classes, inst posts, 3 emails, I might as well make it worth it. I made this decision based on again “my business money date”, by taking stock of my operational expenses and projecting what the monthly outcome would be.

And there you have it. Now we still have some financial cleaning up doing, but we’re much more savvy in handling it. Creating a money mentality that’s powerful positions you far ahead in the game when it comes to accepting debt AND enjoying your life..yes it’s possible. Women have the capacity to triple their income just as men do. Over the last 3 years as a coach, I spent 1 learning from a man and you know what I saw… men are NOT afraid to 10x their money desires or ASK FOR IT with power on their sales calls.

As a brand new business woman or career woman you may feel hesitant to ask for what you really want to charge for your service. You might feel the need to compare why you’re not credible versus someone else, you might feel inclined to be an over giver like I was but you know what.. that never helps you reach your financial goals.

You deserve to live your best life, to invest in you, to own your desires and to serve at a high level by positioning your business as such. That’s why I created the Woman Unleashed. Your work is of high value and aren’t you ready to receive massive compensation for it? The foundation of this program is all about the internal alignment and mentality makeover around finance and life! And I am inviting YOU my dear queen to elevate! To learn more about Woman Unleashed visit here.

Until Next Time