How to give yourself permission to uplevel your life!

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the level of consistency, belief and effort required to navigate you towards your promise land is different from what's currently being exerted..
Being in a quarter life crisis "relationship, financial, career etc" happened because of a series of accepted or neglected factors. And the fact happened and it can feel like the air is being sucked out of your lungs
You can't breathe
You can't eat
You can't think
You feel insignificant
You feel broken, forgotten
You can't sleep or sleep too much
You literally can't function
But yet, you put on that mask of perfectionism and happiness to step out into the world...and then there's no progress...because you're trying please and hope that it will turn around with little effort. That can't happen...
Unless the approach is shifted "embracing and accepting the defeat" and thennnnn redirecting your path one step at a time, but bearing in mind the promise land you're trying to get to, you may spend way too long in that darkness.
In order to create the ideal reality you want "becoming healthy again, loving yourself fully, pursuing your goals, rebuilding your finances etc" you need to begin operating at a different frequency. A level you have never been on....and even that can be confusing.



So how do you get the momentum going? There are 10 powerful open ended and deep reflective questions I believe helped me and my clients start the process..."because you cannot make progress unless you know the destination you're heading towards". Creating a redefined life, business and self literally requires you becoming someone you have never been. You need to tap into your core, identify what’s no longer needed, helpful or serving you and reverse engineer it. I.e Who Are YOU NOW…and WHO DO YOU DESIRE TO BECOME?

For example, Question 1 - What does that next level look and feel like to you? A very simple but powerful question to ask. You already know and feel what you don't want...let's reverse that... Think about it, if you had no fear, no hesitation and simply put your well being and elevation first, what would that look like? Design it, and own it!

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I know that you are capable of more. YOU know that. The question now is…are you going to continue sitting on the sidelines and what everyone else flash by, or are you going to do something about it?

The choice is and always have been yours.

xx Menellia