How to create consistent income whilst working less hours with Sherina Mayani


Before getting to where she is now, she had not one but 2 failed businesses; but what got her to consistent 6 figures, a community of over 100k, and mastering her art of teaching other women to be in #moneyflow was not hustling her way 24/7. It was all about working her mind & energy.

Creating income in your business can feel like an overwhelming task especially when you’re just beginning. As a coach, the starting point of growth requires quite a bit of foundational work, and if you’re not careful remaining in that space can feel like long term. In today’s episode I chat with Sherina Mayani a Divine Living Business coach from Panama who shares that experience. As a past student and client of hers, I used to wonder how she does it all without getting lost in the consistent busyness.

Sherina share’s with us the misconception of overnight success she experienced, and how this secret has allowed her to NOT work more hours a day as many new coaches do and how that as pivoted her towards increasing her income. Get out your notebook, and let’s dive in.


About Sherina

Sherina Mayani is a Business Master Coach who helps women around the world clear their blocks, upgrade their mindset, attract ideal clients and earn consistent money so they can grow a coaching business that sets them free. Sherina is also a Divine Living Certified Master Coach and an Energy Editing® Professional who helps clear energetic money blocks from your energy system. She is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish and English. All of her coaching programs are available in both languages. To receive your free Money Flow Kit from Sherina visit