How to have fun during or post your quarter life crisis, especially if you're trying to grow a business!


In today's episode we're gonna talking about cultivating a beautiful life. p.s. Cultivating a beautiful life is absolutely simple and do-able regardless of where you are right now physically in your life. 

I was hosting a private coaching session with a client last weekend and one of the things she had a struggle with was giving herself that me time, that time to reflect and that time to cultivate the things she desires and by the end of our session we had developed an outline for her unique to what her definition of what a beautiful lifestyle was, and she is taking action. 

So I wanna let you know right now that if you're thinking that cultivating a beautiful life is so far fetched as in you need that you need so many resources is supposed to be available to you, in order to actually enjoy life, it doesn't have to be that way... Creating a beautiful life has to be in alignment your core values, how you wanna feel, how you wanna explore and be. 

Last year I realized that I had an issue with controlling my lifestyle. I was giving away a lot of my attention and energy to the wrong sources, people, and things and after enrolling into this amazing programs "slim chic and savvy" I was able to get back on track. One of the most important actions we did was defining how we wanna live out the day. And by doing so I was truly able to give myself that permission to bring into my existence all the things that I wanted and looking forward to creating. And now I teach my clients that exact approach so that they can really go outside of that comfort box and live that charged life on purpose. 

You can create a lifestyle that you absolutely enjoy, whilst you're building your business. You don't have to push yourself in a position where it's so overwhelming, so painful, so strenuous. You can create the life you want right here, right now, by adding the elements of your "future" into your current situation.


One of the things that Audrey Hepburn highlighted on throughout her entire lifestyle was ensuring that she's completely happy. We try to chase the money, the success and that's not we necessarily need to give us the bliss and balance. And like Audrey, if we can give ourselves the space to reflect, to be creative, to be present is where we actually create the life we're trying to create. You know success doesn't mean having tonnes of money in your bank account, or being able to travel the world all the time " to some that's the definition" but what is your definition? And a beautiful life must be part of the equation. For me I must be happy, I must have peace, and it's a non-negotiable factor now for me. If I am doing something or invited to take on a project that is not in alignment with that core value, I don't hesitate to say no because it's disrupting my definition of a beautiful lifestyle? So what's your definition of a beautiful life? And I want you to really give yourself space and the time to reflect on that. Not what you see everybody else is doing as we have a tendency to define our lifestyle based on what we see on social media or the internet and guess what, it might not be the absolute truth. So what do you want?

Yesterday I was doing a training and one of the questions that came up was "what is it that you're missing in your life right now and how are you keeping it out". If you can give yourself space to honestly answer this question, you will ultimately see what it is that you want to create. Yes, we all want tangible goals, but what about you? What about your lifestyle. And I lead with this in my program because I want every single woman who works with me to leave with not just a business strategy, but to be able to create experiences, joie de vivre and actually living and enjoying being and lifestyle. That's one of the missing elements in the online industry because they're not giving themselves the give of balances. 

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In Brendon Burchard's high-performance studies, one of the key things to actually creating success is the energy levels, and by you giving yourself permission to create that beautiful life, to enjoy it, to live it you begin to improve your mood, your energy levels, and your entire existence accelerates. It's all about you giving yourself the permission to step into the role of the woman you're trying to create right now.

It's all about you asking yourself, what do I ultimately love, what are my core values, what do I stand for and what am I missing in my life? And then bring that element into your space right now. You will begin to see a drastic transformation in the way you move, feel and how you actually take action in your business and life goals. 

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