An Exclusive Business Mindset & Lifestyle Success Mentorship Where Ambitious Women Who Are Living Lackluster Lives & Holding Unto Scarcity Mindsets Reconnect With Their Internal Desires & Go From
Deplete To Elegant Success In 90 Days!

tell me, do these statements resonate

  1. I would love to reconnect with myself and desires

  2. I'm holding onto my fears of not being good enough

  3. My vision is somewhat blurred out & my drive is not consistent.

  4. I just didn't have the courage to try new things because of fear of failure

  5. I'm always busy but still feel unfulfilled

  6. I will never be able to live a happy fulfilled life

  7. I’m sick of closing out each year not having taken the next step

  8. I have learned that I like to please people and I really need to learn to just please myself.

  9. I just want my business to work but I'm not getting anywhere & I'm doing all this work


I Completely Hear You!

And guess what, you don't have to jump way ahead of where you are just yet, and you definitely don't have to give up on your dreams.
I'm Menellia Valcent, & I'm here to support you in getting your personal goals,,your mindset and habits in alignment, in order to begin cultivating what I like to call a High Styled Life where abundance feels elegantly stylish!


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My journey to living a fulfilled life & creating a powerful mindset "by my definition" has been one of the most intense yet most rewarding experiences I've had. And when I began  was beyond lost,confused and above all afraid. I felt that I would never get to the point of "slowness" and really enjoy life.  And not to mention frustrated that nothing was sticking. I tried everything from dozens of courses, programs, strategies and books.I simply wanted to LIVE beyond the office, then beyond the business, behind other people's agenda" .I was simply busy doing everything...yet had no results. 

But the problem wasn't in the strategies. It was me. I needed to raise my vibration and seek divine guidance.I needed to seek clarity and get intentional about my personal desires & actions. 

If you're anything like me, you've spent thousands of dollars on courses and programs and books and not to mention the hundreds of hours in video training and masterclasses. And you're asking yourself what the heck are you doing wrong? "literally!"

And you're downright tired! Tired of feeling like a failure, tired of being stuck, tired of being afraid, and tired of TIRED OF WATCHING FROM THE SIDELINES! Yes you're succeeding in the professional capacity, but what about you?


In just 2.5 years of redefining my values, desires and up-leveling my success mindset and habits I went from broken & broke party girl with meaningless relationships to vacations in the Marais district of Paris, Caribbean destinations, launching my coaching business, monthly indulgent spa & restaurant rendezvous, and most importantly with a refined stylish wardrobe. My belief is that you are already the woman you desire to become. You have all the confidence you need to actually embrace the lifestyle you desire. You have all the action steps you need to take in order to become more passionate, and you have all the reasons to generate happiness in your life! Now, we just need to unleash those UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

4 years ago, I thought that I need to fix me. But it turned out, that NOTHING was wrong with me or my life!!

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I needed more substance, more passion,more purpose, more intention &  more joie de vivre in my life!

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I'm Menellia Valcent & If You're Wondering How You Can Create More Abundance, & Confidence In Your Life; Then I  Would Love To Help You Cultivate Your Own Elegant Success!!

where you show up extraordinary every single day!





To create a bigger impact in the lives of your clients, you must first create a big impact in your own life. A high styled woman embraces her desires, her goals, and maximizes her confidence in order to attract lifestyle she desires to live & the ideal women who desire to work with.



To push past traumas and limiting beliefs instilled as a child. It's time to let go of the fear ego  and create the space required for cultivating "luxurious abundance by your terms" disrupting all you've been taught about abundance & living a life of elegance.



The habits we hold are based on the lifestyle we've been living, the people we associate with, and the beliefs we've ingrained within ourselves. As a high styled woman, elegant success requires elegant habits. And this is where we cultivate your new normal. 


Design Your High Styled Life & Mindset Gives You The Guidance You Need To Design A Powerful Relationship With You Where

your desires and goals are Connected

your Success & Business mindset  Represents confidence

Your relationships are meaningful & powerful

You're consistently embracing happiness & abundance as you grow your Business or Perform In Your Job!

You're performing  in your business or career as the highest version of yourself


It's Your Journey To Redesigning A Happy, Healthy, High Performing
Relationship With YOU!



“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.”


So why make it anything less than amazing!

What's Included?

ONE-ON-ONE Support via live private coaching for 3 months "delivered weekly"
Program Curriculum To Follow Through The 16 Weeks
Personalised Reviews For Feedback On Assignments
Secure Client Access & Login Call Recordings & Weekly Accountability Notes
Extensive Welcome Coaching Packet
Exclusive email access during off hours for continuous support & Accountability

I created this coaching program because it's a more feminine and fun approach to creating "fulfillment".It allows you to go beyond the surface of questions like "what do you want" to really understanding who you are as a woman & how you see yourself living, what type of relationships you maintain, and what habits you make part of your daily rituals to ensure true bliss!It's not just about the live videos and module breakdowns, and support. It's not just about the strategy, systems and hundreds of hours hustling in the professional world. Yes all these are essential, but a huge chunk of success, even comes from mindset & emotional mastery.
Don't just take my word for it' here's what my clients had to say. 


Mandisa was Resistant Until... 

“1,000,000 thank yous are in order for helping me to recondition MY mind in making moves for MYSELF.Sometimes we get so engrossed in the pursuit of our vision that we often neglect ourselves!About to make another life changing decision and I’m excited!”


She wanted  more passion & joy...

And confidence coach of La Sweet Life Binetou came to me wanting to embrace her passions.. “Wow these past 48 hours have been pretty intense for me..Lots of tears, reflection, journaling..I’m getting more clarity on my true desires (not what is popular to do or to have in order to be considered successful). I also see what is blocking me from living the life that I want. Yes feeling out of alignment feels HORRIBLE. I’m happy I have released a lot of frustration. I’m ready to create success in my life, my own sweet way.”

I'm bringing my everything into this program to support your transformation!

By Implementing The Tools From This Experience, You’ll Gain The Emotional Freedom To Live A High Quality Life Alongside Your High Achieving Profession/Business, Including:

  • Becoming More Passionate With Yourself & Your Goals, And Your Business, Thus More Awareness Of The Woman You Want To Be & Allow You To Curate That Relationship With Her With Elegance & Ease, As You Serve Others.

  • Becoming More Intentional & Responsive To Life With Increased Self Esteem & Self Love To Feel Grounded & Confident In Your Decision Making Process, Skills As A Coach & Life Overall.

  • Creating Growth & Maintaining Progress In Your Life, Business By Redefining Your Definition Of Success, Mastering The Mindset & Habits To Support It In A Way That Feels Really Good To You

  • Creating & Deepening Meaningful Relationships With Your Loved Ones & Those Around You

  • Embracing Your External  & Internal Confidence By Embodying Your Style, Your Passions & Your Strengths




You will develop your clarified goals and desires as you step into the identity of your highest self

You will create success habits & rituals for daily growth in order to develop & maintain high energy levels, joy, fulfillment & emotional liberation

You will have the tools required to raise your wealth consciousness and change your money story so that you can attract the abundant life you desire 

You will be given the tool-set to develop your own confidence mastery skills so that you can own your brilliance in every area of your life and how you serve as an female entrepreneur

You will have the toolset to increase yoru productivity & performance so that you're always delivering high quality outputs in every task

And finally you will design your ideal high styled life by defining and embracing the high styled element that allows you to live your version of successful life

Audrey Hepburn Said


“Not to live for the day, that would be materialistic — but to treasure the day. I realize that most of us live on the skin — on the surface — without appreciating just how wonderful it is simply to be alive at all.”


And it's my mission to support you in executing that art!!


That's Why Design Your High Styled Life & Mindset Your Way™ Is Only For The Women Who Are Ready & Committed To Having

+Their Internal Desires & Coals Clarified
+Their Success & Wealth Mindset Raised & Mastered
+Their Elegant Lifestyle Cultivated
+Their Bliss & Confidence magnified
+ Their Performance In Business/career tripled

And Is Available By Application Only


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Your 3 Month Mentorship Agenda


As soon as you enroll in the program, you will receive an Orientation Module to assist you to make the very most out of the program and how to best prepare for the 3 months ahead.During the first week we will have a 2 hour intensive where will dive into your orientation kit and set the stage for the following months. 


Month One


Defining Your Values, Goals And Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle & Business Mission Around Them

Embracing Passion & Cultivating Purpose By Understanding Your Strengths as a woman & using that passion in your business

  Defining Your Pleasurable Success Terms As A Woman,Your Necessity For Your Desired Success, And Defining In Detail Your Highly Successful Outcome.

Defining The Relationships You Would Like To Cultivate With Yourself, Your Family, & Your Clients & Business Colleagues and creating that with bold confidence



Month Two


Identifying Your Fears, Doubts And Limitations & Bringing Those To The Surface + Working On Letting Go Of These Blocks Through eFT And Forgiveness Work

Understanding Your Core Beliefs, Blocks And Habits Around Money, Abundance And Wealth, Deriving The Root Of These Beliefs, Your Personal Relationship With Money & how it's affecting your business mindset 

Getting Clear On Your Ideal Emotion & High Styled Element To Fire Up Your Confidence "Learning How To Use Your Personal Style As A Confidence Booster in your business"




Month Three


Cultivating A Routine & Ritual For more personal bliss as you show up in your business/job

Generating Consistency With Newly Formed Habits & Implementing High Performing Action Steps For Quality Output in your life & business

Accelerating Your Success Factor By Implementing Productivity Tools & Strategies, Whilst Affirming The Value Of The Goals You've Set



Design Your High Styled Life & Mindset Your Way™ Gives You A Chance To Start Living & Serving With Greater Intention & Power!

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And your bliss awaits as you cultivate your elegant success with confidence, grace & clarity!

YOUR INVESTMENT for design your high styled life & Mindset: US$4,000 in full or us$1500 x 3 pay!

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Your Elegant Success Is Within Your Reach If

you're an ambitious female coach, female service based entrepreneur, or high achieving woman looking to take the hustle and stress out of her life?

you ready to perform at the same high level as the top 2% of successful people in the world?

you ready to generate more  happiness, more energy & emotional abundance in every area of your life?

you ready to be more productive in a stylish way?

you ready to majorly invest in yourself?

you willing to take full responsibility for your life and get OUT of the past?

you coachable and not afraid to implement the actions we agree are going to take you to the next level?

you desiring to have the daily habits where you seamlessly embrace living fully without trying? 

you ready to work with a high-level mentor who has walked your heels!




  1. Still on the fence about taking action towards transforming your life
  2. Not ready to invest in yourself & your business
  3. Not ready for some tough love or step outside of your comfort zone
  4. Rather just do what you’ve been doing and you don’t want to cultivate an elegantly successful lifestyle

Clients Who Have Previously Worked With Me Have Experienced:

  • Gaining crystal clear clarity on their goals, who they are, what they're here to do, and what was their life purpose
  • Starting an online business that was completely ALIGNED with their gifts, abilities, and purpose.
  • Massive increase in productivity, confidence, and self-worth, energy levels, and changed mindsets
  • Clearing out limiting beliefs and traumas that have paralyzed them for years around money, abundance and living life fully

Valma Anthony.jpg

Valma Said

“After a 4 hour session with Menellia every aspect of my life has improved. I was introduced to “techniques” which at first didn’t make much sense to me, until I opened up to them and can now say because of this, I am a more relaxed and more focused individual. By going within my traumatic memories I was able to control my emotions and release negative energies. I also identified situations where I would get angry and react and have now been able to control myself and let go of the past and other things in my life which kept me back, weighed me down and prevented me from moving forward and making progress. I am very happy to have worked with Menellia especially as she made opening up very easy. She has helped me get closer to being the person I always wanted to be. Thank you Menellia!”

Natalie 2.jpg

We shared a marina view & wine as we worked & she said...

“Liberating, Contructive & Inspiring. Menellia was a great coach and leader who inspired responses without pressure. It was an enriching experience.””



you probably have some questions, so here's the f.a.q

+How Does It All Work?
Well, we begin by mapping out and planning with a comprehensive design kit where we set the intention for what you would like to focus on during our initial call. "I also expect you to play your part in doing the work before the immersion begins, but don't worry all this is explained within your enrollment kit". During our time working together, we then dive into your intentions, goals, and limiting beliefs to ensure that you are getting all the support you need on your focus areas as indicated in your completed welcome kit. We're a team during this mastermind.

+I Need A Coach To Support Me, But I'm Unsure. How Do I Begin?
Don't worry. You can book a 45-minute decision-making call with me to determine whether or not we're the right fit to work together.

+I Am Very Busy & Fear That I Won't Have The Time To Embrace This Program?
We're all busy women creating magic in the world. However, we need to also make time to create magic in ourselves. This program is not a one trick ride, nor an out of the box package and will be adjusted according to each unique's woman schedule & mine.  You are also fully responsible for your success and your growth, therefore, "we expect that you play your part in ensuring the best possible result you are seeking by doing the work".Therefore, if at this time you are not able to make the commitment to implement the actions for this program, please do not apply!

+I Am Not Sure If This Program Will Work For Me?
That's the thing.The program doesn't do the work. You do!This is a support system where I will provide you with the tools you need in order to integrate the work. If you implement the actions steps we will design during this session, prepare to see the results.

+I Want To, But It's Too Expensive.
And I completely resonate. My first investment in myself felt like I was giving away money. But the more I did, the more confident I became in my capabilities and myself. And as I transformed my mindset realized that I was investing in ME! Since then I have been beyond comfortable & trusting in the high-end coaches I've invested in and reaped the rewards! You're investing in your growth. Not in someone else.

+Do You Have Payment Plan?
YES. I know that every woman's circumstances differ. If you this program is the right fit for you; then we will decide on our strategy call how you can make this happen. 

+One Last Question!How Do I Pay?
Easy. I use Paypal  Direct & Paypal integrated with a secure commerce server checkout to process payment.

Success Mentor For Overwhelmed Women.jpg

So are you ready to give up "My vision is somewhat blurred out,my drive is not consistent & I'm always tired and unfulfilled" for the next 90 days AND BEYOND, in order to begin living a life passionate intention; & serving in your business with more power.

Disclaimer - Individual results may vary. It’s important to add a disclaimer to say these results aren’t typical, nor are they guaranteed.You have to apply the work required in order to reap the results you’re looking to create. And these resources are only prompt tools to support you in taking effective action as my goal is to help you cut through the noise & overwhelm as you simplify the process with more elegance. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure.

"don't wait for someone else to define who you're ought to be! "

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