Let's talk about cultivating la joie de vivre...

Can you go out for a walk, can you buy yourself that bouquet of flowers you've been waiting for your beau to get you, can you sit on the beach or the lake with a book, can you put on some music and dance, can you cuddle with your puppy or daughter/son, take yourself to lunch, steam up the bathroom with some essential oil? How can you do that today?

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How To Raise Your Vibration & Start Attracting The Wealth, Success & Abundance You Desire In Your Life!

One year ago exactly I crushed a major limitation by delivering a speech in public to a group of women. It was exciting,and yes I was nervous but I knew that I no longer wanted to play small.I wanted to serve.And I did.MULTIPLE TIMES.

And now it's YOUR TURN beautiful!!How many limitations have you allowed to hold you back in your life,career,busness?If you think for a moment you will realise how many missed opportunities have passed.NO MORE!!Now's the time to change that reality.In this episode of the high styled life cafe we talk CRUSHING YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS AND DOUBTS!!!

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How To Remain Persistent Towards Your Success!

Success Tips From The Movie Hidden Figures

The Message - You might be working towards your goals,creating your business, trying to live a healthier lifestyle, something for your betterment, and there may be times when the curveballs will hit you unknowingly.And these curveballs might sometimes take human form. Be adamant.Be focused and continue to do whatever you need to in order to get to where you want.

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How To Be Patient With Your Self Transformation!

In this episode, we cover the challenging subject of being rooted and patient with our self-transformation. As we live in a world of quick fixes and hacks we're more than inclined to desire our growth & our chance ASAP!With reason because why not. But what happens when we don't allow ourselves to really be in sync with the process of change? We burn out, we get overwhelmed and we don't really allow ourselves to see how much change and growth is actually happening.

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