7 Soft Skills Every Lady Should Master

7 Soft Skills Every Lady Should Master. #Personalgrowth #softskills #self-doubt #motivation #joy #lifestyletips.png

Most of the skills you need in the "adult" world aren't taught to you at school unless you took some extra-curricular activities during your leisure or after school days. But no one tells you that. Well, I am not too sure if this decade has implemented these, but when I was in school my main focus was on the subject areas I was pursuing studies for, specifically those I was told would lead me to my "dream job".

But that dream job "idea" changed as the years went by and I found myself reteaching myself over and over in different areas. which by the way was an amazing thing. So I wanna share with you some skills you should try to grasp in your teens, 20's or now if you haven't started on those. Let's jump right into them...


This is a BIG one. Having interpersonal skills helps you with a better understanding that everyone is different, don't act or react the same way you would; which in turns gives you a better grasp at empathy & self-expression. Interpersonal skills also allow you to be more open and engaging with others,speaking asking questions more confidently & partaking in a group setting. "put aside that introversion for a bit shall we". Not only that, it helps you cooperate more effectively with different types of people on both a professional & personal basis. 



You've heard it over & over & over all your life but here we go again.. "Practice Makes Perfect..or near perfect". Practicing self-discipline from a young age is one of the best habits you can instill in you. Practicing discipline builds your focus on getting things done more efficiently, executing your plans, goals, & making decisions. It is one of the foundations for succeeding & excelling at  whatever you aim at..be it "school, work, fitness, building a business etc".



Whoever it was who said that curiosity was a bad thing "you know.. curiosity kills the cat".. I think was clearly mistaken. Who came up with that anyway?? My curiosity to learn how things outside of my norm works is the reasons why I have customised, this blog & my first, the reason why I am writing this blog post and the reason this pretty Pin type picture in it. Having the will to try new things, learn new things will take you to places you might have never imagined. If something intrigues you, start asking questions about it, start researching, start taking a course.. something.. build on it instead of saying "oh well, that's not for me anyway". It might be challenging at first, but keep practicing and before you know it..you're a pro.


And by that I mean & with sticking with the previous point, trying to figure how things work.Systems & plans aren't 100% fool proof.I know that &  so do you. Let's say you work for a company which has a somewhat rigid method of doing one thing & you have failed using it, instead of fussing, sprouting in some grey hairs and crying about it.. how about you relax, take a breath and say ok.. How would I do this? Or how would someone you know is great at doing that task do it. Trying to fit in pieces here & there in your plans will save you some money on hair-dye &  boost your productivity. Sidenote- you can also check out the 10 Kickass Productivity Tips Post for some pointers on that.. 



What is she talking about you ask.. Conflict will always and I mean always arise in every area of life, personal & otherwise. Don't take it personally. It is life and we all have flaws. But practicing resolving issues before they blow out of proportion helps with eliminating stress, finding solutions and moving on to better things. Which is why working on your interpersonal skills & expressing yourself effectively very important. Wouldn't you rather spend your energy thinking about the next best moment, enjoying your lunch, laughing etc instead of being angry because you think that you were always right in a situation, and how dare the other party not see that? Express, Accept & Move on.  



Guilty Guilty Guilty.. I had zero, and I mean zero money management skills before I was 27; and that was 3 years ago. When I got paid I, it went, bills, rent and shopping. If I had a steady grocery purchase routine I don't remember. And the only time I could actually save without touching a cent was by force "mandatory via a loan-  I think it's called a sinking fund".. with reason. Having some proper budgeting skills is a lifesaver when it comes to managing your funds, credit cards"don't own one-again with reason". Learn to track your incomes, expenses & savings in order to ensure balance and not having to resort to that sinking fund. Currently I use an excel spreadsheet, that way I have a general idea of where to pull back on as per month. Plus I am planning a trip to Nice France in October & a girl need funds. 



I left this one for last because most of us unconsciously have mastered the habit of sulking over failures and bridges. However; failures & obstacles provide us with opportunities to

  • A learning opportunity. Now that you have done this once, failed, the next them you attempt you will know how NOT to go about doing it.

  • Be innovative in our thinking (changing the situation & develop ways to try again successfully)

  • Rebuild your focus & energy in the right way, and be a better person.

I am a huge advocate of positive thinking and learning from the negatives. If you also want an elaborate read,here are two  great soft skills articles you can also check out..  20 Practical Soft Skills  and 48 Life skills Everyone Should Learn

Let me know in the comments what other skills you think should be mastered in Life. 

P.S. In the 4 pillars of elegant success masterclass I go further in depth with the HOW TO implement some of these in order to optimize your life!