How To Be Patient With Your Self Transformation!

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How do you be deeply rooted & patient with your self-transformation? Is that even a thing.. I believe it is because change takes time.

Being able to change your life should be a fun process. But for some it can feel overwhelming and strenuous. And as we live in a day of quick fixes, the pressure can feel even more gruesome. The truth is, it might never take a simple 5 steps. But it could be a foundational start. Meaning, self-transformation requires patience, trust.

One of the biggest core elements of this is seeking the evidence that a shift is happening. You may experience a high vibe week this week because of consistency and mindful energy, and the next week the complete opposite.

Which can heighten the frustration of "I'm not getting anywhere”. That simply might be your scarcity social self-speaking because looking from a standpoint of "what did I learn, what tweak did I make, what minute improvement took place - you did grow". Even a little.

Self-transformation should not be about a detailed self-scrutiny, but a mindful analysis... Understanding from your lessons, learning and integrating the take away into the next phase will support your micro shift!

Of course this goes deeper & I do have a fun video chat which covers a few more tips to support your patience through transformation over in todays video chat!

In this episode, we cover the challenging subject of being rooted and patient with our self-transformation. As we live in a world of quick fixes and hacks we're more than inclined to desire our growth & our chance ASAP!With reason because why not. But what happens when we don't allow ourselves to really be in sync with the process of change? We burn out, we get overwhelmed and we don't really allow ourselves to see how much change and growth is actually happening.

Today's episode is all about being deeply rooted & patient!This is Episode 5!


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