How To Change Your Story!


Good morning beautiful, It's a glorious sunday morning and the universe & god has given you an other wonderful opportunity to do the things you wish to do. Whatever that may be. An other opportunity to make the decision to think positively, to erradicate all the negative thoughts of the week past, yesterday or even 2 minutes before reading this love note. And I am just here to remind you of how important that is. 

We give so much of our energy to the things that aren't worth it, things of no value and things that will fade away and not make a positive impact on our lives. Why? Well, because we are human and as human nature will have it.. it just is. But likewise, human nature also gives us choices. The choice to choose what we believe in, what we give energy to, and what we do.

I'm currently reading a book "with a very profain title- so I will leave the author's name right here as to not offend anyone reading this love note - sarah knight", but regardless, it's about making two choices. The first making a decision to not care about the things that bring no value, no benefit and joy into our lives and the second actually acting out on that choice. Equally so, my Sunday morning has been blessed with the kind and powerful words of bishop TD jakes, and if you follow my facebook page, I gave you a glimpse of me couch churching with a cup of coffee painted with the words #coloryourlifeamazing.

Essentially, this love note is just to give you a gentle nudge of a reminder tthat the power of the mind is immense. It is what drives us to do the things we do, speak the things we speak, and feel the things we feel. Both positive and negative. It is also to remind you that the power of choice you give the mind is up to you. You are greater than the negative outcomes of your life. You are blessed, you are talented and you are full of life. And today is the chance to embrace that and use that opportunity to your advantage. 

As you begin this new week, I want you to think about that. Think about the things you allow to hold power over your thoughts, and make the decision to let it go. Make the decision to change it. Make the decision to think the good things, think the good thoughts, the enlightening thoughts and then make the decision to act out on them. Yes it will be hard, but YOU CAN DO IT!! Noone else will for YOU!!

I hope this note brought a smile to your face, especially if you are currently in a bad place right now. Just breathe.....because you and your mind have the power and CHOICE to make it better. And as the week continues remember this lovely quote by bishop TD Jakes "There is NOTHING as powerful as a changed mind!!!". 

Until next time... 

xx Menellia