Life Changing Message No-one Ever Extracted From Cinderella Or Any Other Fairy Tale For That Matter

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A Dream, An Optimistic Point of View,A Strong Work Ethic - If you have ever watch Cinderella , you HAVE definitely learned these 4 lessons.. & probably re-learned it about a million times. As little girls, our only grasp of the story Cinderella is that you have to marry the prince..& of course you must always be well dressed.. told in every other fairy tale story.. Thumberlina, Snow White,Beauty & the Beast etc etc... BUT what about the other lessons.

My favourite version of the movie "and there are MANY" is the Whitney Houston-Brandy version.It breeds diversity, the music is awesome and easy to sing along to, and Brandy is soooo pretty in it.. (that was my initial reason- when I was younger of course). However; I have found myself singing the songs in the shower for quite some time now "here is my fav", & my initial thought was what the fu** is wrong with me? But then I started to look at it from a different perspective, because you know, my mind is always analyzing things.. and came up with some "lessons" Cinderella has been teaching me all my life. Now some of you may have or may have not picked them up yet, so here are 4 amazing life changing lessons from "CINDERELLA"...


In the Song Impossible-It's Possible, sang by Brandy (If you never heard it before, here you go),we learn that that if you have a vision, if you have a goal, if you are passionate about achieving something, despite your circumstances. IT CAN HAPPEN!!Cinderella's dream was to attend the ball, dance with the prince and experience one night of fun, one night away from her cinders, one night of freedom. And she made it happen with One pumpkin, 4 white mice and..some other animals I can't remember at this point, oh and a fairy God mother. It's a pity there aren't more fairy god mothers running around the place. My point is that even if you do not have ALL the resources you THINK you need to achieve something, work with what you have. It would very well benefit you to start now and move inch by inch, learn, adapt, and build as you progress; as appose to sitting, waiting and thinking to yourself, "I wonder what would have happened it I started then".



In the beginning of the movie, the queen "played by Whoopie Goldberg"announced that a ball would be held for prince Christopher Rupert...and all his the names", and as any girl would, Cinderella had high hopes. Really High hopes.. until stepmother said nah uh.. who do you think you are? Stop Dreaming, Be happy with what you have and bla bla bla. Crushed of course,yet,she still kept fantasizing, and dreaming about attending throughout the first half of the movie.. The lesson, don't let anyone tell you what you Can and Can't Do in life. Remaining optimistic and working hard and smart of course towards your goal is up to you!! If you allow the negative thoughts and words to sink in.. You will be done for..  In the words of Cinderella "On the wing of my fancy, I can fly anywhere, And the world will open its arms to me".  

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And eye for an eye is usually what the world goes by these days.. I wonder how many eyes have been poked out? Her family was mean,rude, loud et all to here, yet, she still treated them with kindness. Cinderella still loved them. Lesson...Be the bigger person. Some thing just aren't worth the negative energy. Do you know what you can achieve in the time you probably spend hating, being angry, being mean to someone just because they were to you? We're human yes, and we slip sometimes, but if it's intentional, honey sit down revisit one of those moment and ask yourself what did you gain from it?


Ok, maybe it't not really a life lesson to some, but it works for me. :)

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Can you think of any other life changing lessons from your favourite fairy tale? Share with us!


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