How To Easily Be Inspired To Take Action

How To Easily Be Inspired To Take Action #mindsettips #LIFEHACKS #goalsetting.png

Inspiration can come from many sources including places, things, people etc. 


It's Sunday Afternoon and you are beginning to feel the "OMG the weekend is over, ALREADY!!!" feeling. Which means for some of us, work in a few hours. You start to panic, get depressed, because,  I mean.. who wants to spend 8 hours enclosed in a box right? 


Think Happy Thoughts, DO Happy things, and smoothly flow into the week with Said Happiness. "Until Wednesday Hits at least" You know what i'm talking about.. For me, being inspired comes fairly easy. I admit I have my slump moments.. but on the minority side. How do I do it?"First"READING!!(Blogs, Online, an Exciting book etc). Reading takes your mind off the negative and allows you to focus more on the positive side of things. For example: If you're struggling with a new post, get on Bloglovin or Pinterest and do some research. Like "similar" blogs, and you will be amazed by the ideas you can come up with. 

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Celebrate accomplishments. What better way to boost your motivation. Let's say you did a course, and you Aced it..Use that as motivation to continue on, sign up for another course. 


Join a support group. "I think this one speaks for itself". Having persons around you with similar interests and goals allows you to feed off their attitude.  Have a Mentor.Bonus: If you can be someone's mentor. I met a friend via the internet a year ago, we spoke via phone, Skype, Facebook for one year before we met in person when I visited  Paris. On the train to have dinner one night she told me... "You Know I started working out because of you. Thank you for helping me start". I was really touching, because you never know who's life you are making a change in. What I am trying to say is...inspiring others will indirectly cause you to inspire yourself.

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This one is my favourite. I love pampering myself. From something as small as having a glass of chilled chardonnay, whilst watching a classic to spending the morning at the beach, really puts my mind into perspective. This allows me to focus of all the good things in my life, to be thankful and a gentle reminder of how blessed I am. Not everyone can afford that luxury (no matter how small). 

So tell me, how do you inspire yourself?Share below. 

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