Simple Yet EFFECTIVE Ways To Make Your Mornings Brighter!

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Your morning routine can sometimes set the tone to whether or not you have a great or dull day ahead of you. I think we all feel at times that we lack sleep, even when we hit the hay early enough to count the potential number of hours of shut-eye we get. In one of my previous posts, I share some simple tips to having a great night's rest, but in this chapter of the sleep series, I wanna share a few tips on how to make your mornings brighter. 

I know, I experience the grumpiness at times too.. but more so, less than ever. If ever? And that's because I have started incorporating a few habits into my morning routine. In my 5 habits of highly successful people podcast episode, one of this was preparing my day ahead from the night before; hence eliminating the need to feel rushed when morning says hello. 

One of the key things I love to stress on is that out mindset is an important component of creating a happy & brighter outcome. And it's is essentially true. We are so inclined to allow worries to take precedence of our psych, we spend an unnecessary amount of time thinking and stressing about the things we have no control of, and sadly, we sometimes go to bed with these thoughts. Imagine going to bed upset, sad, stressed, depressed, worried. How do you think you will start your day? Exactly.. La meme chose. Thus tip number 1 is to go prepare not only your day but your mindset from the night before. Calm down, Read something inspiring and relax your thoughts. By doing so, you set the pace to continue on from there the morning after.. which brings me to tip number 2. 

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Affirmation sessions. I am a huge fan of affirmations. And if you don't know what that is, it's simply a moment of calm where you repeat something good to yourself until you believe it.Starting your day with good thoughts is perfect for a brighter day. How about grabbing a cute little notebook and jotting down these thoughts of wisdom. Or maybe have a wall of sticky notes that you can add a pop of colored words to every day. It's good to see our thoughts out in front of us because it puts things into perspective. It breeds gratitude, smiles, and a good day. 

Or maybe you're more of a content absorbing individual. I was listening to an episode of tony robbins once, and he said that he believed in incantations. Repetitive listening 7 repeating of the same words every single day. Music, or a motivational video from a speaker you love "i.e. Tony Robbins, Jim Rhon in my case", eventually sounds like an incantation. In actuality, they repeat the same things, but present it in different forms. The message is the same."Think You Can, Believe You Can, And DO THE BEST YOU CAN". Tell me that's not a bright start to a morning. Music acts the same. The same song you enjoy singing along to, dancing to, swaying to can set the pace. It can be a classical piece, or an upbeat piece if you rather, but content from external sources are perfect for helping you light up your morning. 

And don't skip out of breakfast. That's right,a good meal, great energy is ideal for an upbeat spirit during the day. You definitley do not want to be sluggish from the onset, because the tone is going to carry out throughout the rest of your "actively working" 10 hours. And when all fails, how about just telling yourself that you are going to have a GREAT MORNING. Simple. How do you set the pace for a bright morning? Let's chat in the comments section below & until next time... xx Bisous Menellia 

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