4 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

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As a success coach who's still in the 9-5, it can be a lot to handle at times. Juggling in between, life, my job, blogs, coaching, projects, all in 24 hours a day I sometimes need to tune out. But sometimes, it can feel like there's so much to do and so little time... this is when the stress levels begin to build.. Have you experienced that?

Stress and Anxiety are common. Whether you're a biz woman, blogger, career gal, mamma...we all have it sometimes and it's should not be ignored. Specking from experience I know the level of physical pain neglecting your overwhelming stress levels can cause. From neck stiffness to migraines I've personally felt them. And as a recovering workaholic, "recovering"' I have learned some very effective and quick ways to relieve myself of the extra chitter chatter going on, the to-do list overwhelms and cultivated more elegant success in my life. 

Here are a few of my best stress relief measures. 

  • Journaling. Yes, but in this instance, I mostly want to get the overflow of thoughts in my head out so it somewhat ends up being "unstructured" or bullet point form. Simply doing a brain dump can help you lessen the anxiety levels of knowing that you have so much to do.
  • Meditation. This one can be a bit tricky at times because it's so difficult to calm the mind. So I normally do this after I do the brain dump technique. Get all my thoughts on paper, and then do a quick breathing exercise to relax
  • Doing something fun... for me, this may be watching a funny movie, reading a nice book, videos on youtube, or "LOOKING FOR ANIMAL SHAPES IN THE CLOUDS". haha.... This one really pumps me up! ooo a doggy
  • Talking to someone about it. If you have a good friend and btw you should have at least one person in your life you feel comfortable talking to, share what you're going through with them.This will help you change your mood for a bit and get you some really great advice from a loved one.
  • Physical Self care.....This one is my absolute favs. There is nothing in this world which bring me more joy than self-care. As an entrepreneur, it can be sooo easy to neglect self-care during this journey, but at some point, you need to tune out. My self-care routine usually revolves me having a spa day, a lovely brunch, flowers, and aromatherapy and of course exercise! It has never failed.

Overall, relieving stress is doable, but the key is to remain aware of when your anxiety & stress levels are rising and tackle it from there! Don't wait until it escalates to a point of overwhelming fatigue, headache or even depression.

Do you have any tips on how to relieve stress?Do share below. 

xx Menellia