How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Change My Lifestyle!

How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Change My Lifestyle! #LOA #Lawofatttraction #selfdoubt #successhabits. #personaldevelopment #abrahamhicks #loa #personalgrowth #lifetransformation #successmindset

Have you ever wondered why some people have EVERYTHING going on for them whilst you're on the sideline wishing and hoping that just this one time "you too can get what you're desiring?"

I know that feeling too until I discovered the law of attraction and the power of raising my vibration and mindset. Over the past 4 years' alongside my transformation, I have been studying this law and the other laws which follows "but we'll get into that later" because I noticed that things started to fall into place for me after I started to practice "think the thought and see it happen". 

Now some persons will dispute that the law of attraction is the myth, but if you're a bible person "do you know that Mark 11:24 says that whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have already received it and it's yours"!


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It's all about faith and trusting that God or the Universe "whichever you feel comfortable attaching too" always has your back. But you too must play your part. The biggest misconception/confusion I should say that I've seen in the law of attraction is that most persons think that they simply must "think the thought and then that's it" everything will magically appear. But soo wrong. There is a lot more that goes on into this such as

  • Clearing any negative beliefs and blocks you may have to surface

  • Acting in an effective and exact way which will lead you to that manifestation of what you're desiring

  • And forgiving & letting go to name a few.

But today, I wanna talk to you about my personal experience with using the law of attraction and how you too can use this very powerful law to change your own life especially if you're constantly feeling that everything simply is resisting your growth.

And I've prepackaged this chat for you in today's episode of the Elegant Success Series on The High Styled Life Cafe Youtube Channel. Watch here and don't forget to subscribe because I will be releasing a new episode on cultivating your own version of success every Tuesday!


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