Lessons Learnt From Living Alone

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It's been approximately 5 months since i've been on my own (sans roomates), and it's something that I relaised I've missed. As a 31 year old, (with no children et sans sig other), there are a few thing's i've learnt in this short space of time. Or rather reminded of. Having your own space is amazing yes, but there are additional factors to be taken into consideration, especially when you're kinda at the peak of life. The good the bad & .. Ok there's not really any ugly. Let's start with the bad..


You get lonely sometimes. Really lonely. I mean like crickets lonely. Depressing right. I kinda sorta miss the sounds of annoying music coming from my roomate's bedroom, or visitors stepping into the front door. Sometimes....When you live alone, you hear everything!!! There's nothing to drown out the noise of downstairs neighbours hitting walls, nor the sound of galvanized roofs expanding or contracting from heat and cooling down during different times of the the day. Your expenses increase. Yes, having your own space is AWESOME. BUT huge but (no pun intended), your expenses increase. You now have the glorious task of paying everything on your own. The electricity bill (which by the way does not decrease by 50% just because you minused 1), water, internet bill and most dreaded RENT. You thought you would get away with the having your own private space, well there's a cost. And unless you are ready to sacrifice, don't do it!!


At the same time, these can be seen as positives. Living alone has definitely allowed me to increase my focus on my blog, my biz, my studies and all the 100 thousand other things I do (I do a lot). There are no or little distractions (again with the exception of noisy neighours), and I have definitely become more productive because of that. I have learnt that in order to save more, I must curb my spending & sacrifice the things that are NOT necessary to me. Like cable. In addition, my inner interior design skills, (minimal as they are) have began to awaken. I find myself buying more homeware than clothing and shoe pieces.Fyi my new addiction is now tea sets.. 

Now you may call me OCD, but organization is my best friend. There is a place for everything & personally I believe that everything should be in its place. Hence less down time cleaning & reorganizing. To me it's a plus. Regardless of the extra spring cleaning time I have to do every 2 months.

Bonus Plus, I can walk around more freely in my undies, because I don't fear any unexpected visits from outsider persons. I have more me time, more relax time and I just LOVE MY OWN SPACE!!

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Overall, living alone does comes with its downsides, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to make the best of it. Learn from the experience, tailor and tweek it to suit your lifestyle and just have fun. Do you live alone? Or have you recently started to? Let me know in the comments section one of your lessons learnt. Until next time... a bientot.  

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