How Can You Have An Amazing Relationship With YOUR Self?

How Can You Have An Amazing Relationship With YOUR Self_ (1).png

Happy Tuesday Beautiful. Last night I was partaking in a webinar with MindValley  & Robin Sharma & I couldn't get those words out of my mind "Robin Sharma said 'what's the point of being successful according to society but you're a failure according to yourself"! And he's ABSOLUTELY right!".

Our current happness depends on what's going on around us, within us and about us, which usually ends up with us being at the lower end of the grid. Do you understand this?

Why is it that for us to confidently own out goals and desires "speak a new language around our peers, buy that beautiful blouse for $100, travel to our dream destination , we seek approval from the outside world? I know I did it! 

We tell ourselves "oh this is too expensive, I can invest this in something else like say "a utility bill", or "people" will think that I am a faux. Yup, been through that too. 

Have you ever taken a decision towards something YOU wanted so desperately only to allow 'what everybody will think' to stop you in your tracks?If you answered yes, that let me assure you that your "everybody committee" is null and void and allowing that form of belief simply keeps you further away from your #highstyledlife.

How do I know? "Write a list of all the people who make your everybody and step back" Do you notice that it's barely a handful. So why give control of your happiness to someone else? I go further into this in this episode of the High Styled Life Cafe" 

So, how many persons are on your "everybody list"?

Bon Mardi