How to sleep better at nights!

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The moment we peacefully wake from lalalaland is everyone's dream morning. No grumpiness, no sore body, no insomniatic left overs from the night before. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a good night's rest they all so rightfully deserve. The good news is, there are ways and means to help you fall into sweet slumber by tweaking up your routine. 

During my early 20's "far from it now", I suffered from insomnia. I constantly felt like my mind was in overdrive, always thinking, always waking up one hour after falling asleep, but at some point in time that improved. However, over the past few months, my insomnia slowly returned and I knew I had to do something about it before it took control of my life. What did I do? I will share my tips with you.


Many of us don't pay attention to the fact  that electronics actually affect the quality of sleep we get on a nightly basis. With cell phones, television, and smart devices being part of our everyday lives, we're somewhat always on the alert. Therefore we keep them in close proximity to our bodies. At midnight, we wake up for a bathroom break, we check our instagram, check our emails, check our facebook pages and thensome. Tip. GET RID OF the electronics. They can wait. Your "bedtime zen" area should be clean of all elctronics and just well "RELAXING". QUIET, LOW LIGHTING, JUST RELAXING.Put your cell ohones off if they are not your alarm and if they are, put it in airplane mode; and guys, just take the tv outside.. 



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Guess what, our minds are always in overdrive. Ever went to bed and 5 mins later boom " A BIG IDEA" begins to form. That's natural, only if just 5 minutes before hitting the hay you're working. Or reading something which will stimulate ideas. My go tip for relaxing before bed is to stop everything. That's right.


Stop the work, stop the reading about work and then-some. I do advise reading, but light reading.A self improvement book, or yoga related book such as "Yoga For Life", Bonjour Happiness by Jamie Cat Callan & one of my favourites "Paris Letters". But relaxation of the mind and body goes deeper than that. 


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Which by the way are some of my favourite sleep inducing activities.  Lately, I have been loving my scented oils and candles, preferably lemongrass and sandalwood. Did you know that lemongrass has so many health benefits including aiding with muscle calming and with insomnia.In actuality it almost has sedative properties "and this is from experience & not theory". But before you take my word for it. Read this article on LemonGrass properties , and try this tip.

  • Get yourself a small bottle of pure lemon grass oil. Not the diluted stuff. Go to a health store, and get the pure stuff. Get some tealight candles,and a diffuser tray, in order to burn the oil for 10 minutes. The aromatheraphy will calm your nerves, and allow you to relax. But if you do want to take it up a notch, do you have hot water? Under a hot shower, pour a few drops of lemon grass oil and allow yourself to inhale the rising steam with relaxed breathing... Simple.

  • Put on some meditation. Now I know that I did mention that electronics should be kept out of the bedroom but if you're one to keep your doors open, try meditation before sleep.There is a great sleep meditation channel on YT "Jason Stephenson" with some AHHHHMAZINGGGG meditation tunes. They are usually hours long, guided and walks you slowly from active mode, to gentle breathing & before you know it, you're stretching up into the morning. This one has been a new addition to my routine for the past 4 months & have done me more than wonders.


If you're more of a yoga person, a few stretches before bed will allow for a more relaxed body and mind. Of course combining the two equals double wammy. Here's an 8 minute yoga sequence for easy relaxation, which will allow you to have a good night's rest. Remember though that your breathing and mind is part of the equation, therefore always remember to relax & pay attention to them.

These are all tips that I incorporate into my daily nighttime routine in order to have a good night's rest, but do you have any additions? Let's chat in the the comment section below and until next time... xx Bisous Menellia 

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