self love

How To Create A Life Goal For Yourself!

Comfort...something we are all so fond of. If give us joy, some for of clarity... or the lack of it thereof.. Life was not given to us to be mediocre. It was given to create the grandest vision possible for ourselves. It was given to create opportunities, to create experiences and to be lived fully. But what happens when our comfort zones holds our freedom hostage? Fear and a lack of living fully.... In episode 10 of the personal development cafe, we start with the basis of understanding that our comfort zones.... "Are Killing Us". xoxo Menellia

How to Cultivate A Healthy Relationship With Yourself!

Diane Von F once said that : the best relationship with yourself is the one you have with yourself & there has never been any truer words. Ever felt like you need to be accepted, or you have trouble attracting the write people into your life. . Well, you're doing it wrong. Seeking approval outside of ourselves can be detrimental to our relationships with ourselves. Listen to this week's episode & find out why you should be focusing on you for the next 6 months and beyond.. xx Menellia