Are you taking care of yourself - with Camesha Gosha

Are you taking care of yourself ? As bloggers, new moms, enterpreneurs, creatives and everyday busy people, we forget that we too need some rejuvination and self care. We get so wrapped up in taking care of others and getting our daily to do schedules cleared that by the time we are ready to relax it's time for bed. Sadly after allowing ourselves to believe that this sick repetitive cycle of doing things is normal and acceptable, our bodies and minds for that matter eventually tells us otherwise.

This reminder to take care of yourself podcast is an interview/chat with mompreneur Camesha Gosha a inspiring motivator reminding moms that they too matter. Whether is be via her blog posts, her short courses including her newly launched Get It Done email course, or books, Camesha like myself believes deeply in the power of self care. Thus this episode is for moms, budding entrepreneurs, bloggers and anyone who is too busy to allow themselves to enjoy life a little. 

Hit the play button and join us as we chat and laugh in this session and don't forget to grab yourself a nice hot coffee or a chilled glass of wine and get comfy. It's gonna be fun!!

Are you taking care of yourself - with Camesha Gosha (2).png