I'm A Caribbean Living Girl Who Developed A Love Affair With Herself In The City Of "Lights & Love" At The Height Of Her Self Transformation & Never Looked Back. And Now I'm On A Mission To Support You In Doing The Same! I got inspired to do this work after battling with myself on my journey from depression & deplete and didn't know that there was support out there. And throughout the past 3 years, I've learned to love a healthy positive mindset, attitude, and life. Music, Style, Travelling & Amazing Food "especially wine" is what lights me up & the more I grow the more I realized that stepping outside of my comfort zone and claiming the things I desired was the best thing I ever did.

My mission for the #highstyledlife community refines every day, but the message has always remained the same. To support women in knowing their values, claiming their desires, and creating a lifestyle of full enthusiastic love with style and grace. When your internal messaging, story, and alignment is right, the external results begin to flourish & reflect what it is that you're seeking to create. A life of abundant laughter, enthusiasm, love and sweet success. a highstyled woman writes a stylish story inclusive of the things, people and opportunities she desires without apology. My approach to success may be different than most, but for my personal experience and the results from past clients, self care should be the first pillar for growth and within my coaching stream that is one of my main pillars of focus along with emotional mastery, wealth mindset & easeful success strategies. Combined, the three will lead you more fulfillment in life and more success without the hard hustle.And I'm here you cultivate just that!

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