My Full Story


How it all started

My journey to self transformation began more than 10 years ago; however; the grand image finalised after my first trip to Paris in 2015, where I decided "after an agument with my travel partner" that I was over people pleasing, lacking confidence and feeling judged for who I was and what I wanted. My journey expanded as a professional blogger, to blog coach , personal development coach and now a lifestyle & business success coach. It's been a trying ride, but I wouldn't trade it for anything less. Because without my experience and expertise I would not be guided here to now teach you how to become the best version of yourself in life, career or business!

And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom ...
— Anais Nin


I'm a Caribbean girl, francophile/lover of the french culture; and when I’m in the kitchen it's a fancy affair with myself & a glass of wine. When I created this space I had you in mind & I wanted to show my personality. I wanted to create a business that reflected my philosophy & what I love. I believe that a great pair of heels, a glass of wine, chocolate and the right mindset & attitude can solve almost anything!!



2012 - 2014

"Broken, depleted,depressed , angry and broke, discovered the law of attraction, and started over with rebuilding my life.

2015 My Rebirth Began

"My rebirth began & spent 2 weeks in Paris, where I found myself, started to style blog once again and decided to be professional about it, built a team of amazing contributors, worked with brands, and decided that it was time for more

Now imagine, stepping off a plane in Paris and thinking "wowww, I can't believe that I am here. You guessed it. Moi.

If someone told me 5 years ago that I would be where I am right now I would laugh. Me? Introverted, people pleasing, never vocal, in debt Menellia? Never.... But it did somehow, someway happen. And if I were too fast forward to today I wouldn't; because I would miss out on the art of cultivating the a lifestyle & mindset I have now.

It hasn't been a smooth sailing, but the rough waters of lessons and training have helped me cultivate what's important to my well-being, my happiness, my Joie De Vivre. And I spill my metamorphosis in this post because when I got clarity on what I wanted, I became dedicated and remained persistent! When all the signs said noooooo this isn't for you, you're not cut out for this, you're not good enough, just be comfortable and grateful and all that, I pressed on.

2016 - Today "My Soul Growth & Soaring"

Had I listened to that ego mindset I wouldn't have developed this passionate brand, learn how to speak in public "this girl was a crier”, work with women across the world, nor become my highest performing self-doing the things I realllllly love!! And it's really important for me to share my vulnerability with you too. I  don't have all the answers, but I know this truth - when you stop resisting, MAGIC REALLLLY happens! When you allow yourself to step into the highest version of you with confidence, your life TRANSFORMS! 

"Shut down my blog, started my lifestyle coaching business,worked with women globally, got featured and contributed to some major platforms, held 2 live coaching lunches,  went to paris again for 1 month, expanded my horizon, worked with 3 coaches, kicked ass at my career; and here we are! 

It took me a very long 4+ years to get from indifferent, stressed out, doubting myself & afraid of creating a success & a lifestyle where my happiness & positive energy is the center of everything. But you don't have to go through the pain anymore. Because I'm going to show you how to cultivate an elegantly successful happy lifestyle, as you're building your online business. 


10 Years In Administration 5 Years In Sales And Lifetime Of Experiences To Help You Achieve Your Life & Business Goals!

Coupling my 10 year background in the administrative, supervisory and customer relationship building arena "both in the corporate and online business world" I am here to ensure that you develop a streamlined and effective strategy in the back office growth strategy of your online business. I hold a professional certificate in Supervisory Management from the University of the West Indies and a certificate Leadership & Organizational Behavior from Bocconi University, I'm a language enthusiast certified in DELF through the Ministry of Education France and Inbound Marketing Certified through Hubspot.


For the first 5 years of my professional life I worked behind the scenes as an administrative assistant on world bank funded projects with an Agricultural Consultanty firm within the Climate & Environmental sector alongside the Government in S.Lucia, ensuring that proposals and tenders were organized & delivered in a timely and effective manner in accordance to the scope of work, as well as ensuring that all stakeholder consultation events were organized, prepared for and run in a streamlined way for analysis and report generation afterwards.


Moving on from the consultancy world I entered the product sales and customer relationship building environment within a Xerox Distributor firm where I worked as an administrative assistant first. I saw an interest in building more relatiosnhips and becoming more outspoken so I asked to be challenged with sales "equipment & office stationery" which proved very successful as I'd consistently worked on and awarded tenders valued over 6figures. Moving on into a more challenging role of sales adminitrative supervisor, my duy for the past 3 years has been ensuring the smooth execution of the inside office and customer relations, managing the company's inbound "email marketing & CRM tools", leading a team of inside sales representatives effectively for the past 2 years to results and growth in revenue and sales from dormant accounts as well as coached in their own professional development.

Simultaneously, I blogged as a life & style blogger whilst working with global brands, launched my online lifestyle and mindset coaching business in 2016, coached women globally in elevating their mindsets and success behaviours and my work have been featured and can be seen on platforms such a Thrive Global, The Huffington Post & Sivana East and more "see more here"


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