One Purpose - To Help Women Create Beautiful Lives By Mastering The Art Of Elegant Success!

The High Styled Society - Elite 1:1 Mentoring

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This is where mindset work meets personal transformation, as you work closely with Menellia in redesigning your ATTITUDE TOWARDS CREATING SUCCESS, getting unstuck in your resistance and limitations & cultivating your own definition of success SO THAT YOU CAN SHOW UP MORE “YOU” IN YOUR LIFE, CAREER OR BUSINESS!

When you’re experiencing a breakdown, you experience overwhelm, you’re in a space of turmoil and deplete and it’s mostly centered on different areas including “goals, money, you personally, emotional life, energy”. This private 1:1 3 Month Immersion is designed to help you embrace the process of ugly breakdown of the caterpillar to blossoming your wings to freedom as the beautiful butterfly!


High Styled Trainings & Courses

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Master Creating Pleasurable & Powerful Goals WITH MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES!

To start shifting confidently into the next chapter of your life. This is where mindset work meets fabulous goal crushing.

Learn how to eradicate your mindset blocks & create more aligned goals in your life & business, be fully connected to your inner compass as you find the directive map you need to create your version of success.

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start growing your brand today with powerful direction & confidence in business sizzle mastery!

Business Sizzle is my flagship immersion for the NEW COACH or CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR who has no idea how to start her business or get it off the ground; & desires to do so with confidence, focus and direction! This is perfect for the transitioning corporate lady who want's to expand her success outside of the 9-5, the creative who wants to expand her skills & businesses, or the new boss babe who wants to position herself to start sell high end packages.

In this immersion, grow from the ground up by mastering your core story, message & brand essence, craft your signature program, build your productive back end system, & refine your confidence and conversation with clients for stronger relationships and sales!

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Launch With Flow Business Setup Training

Get the blueprint to setting up and growing an Ivy League Style Business with powerful messaging, a first class mindset & refined marketing solutions in this 3 day mini course!

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Styled Engagement Instagram Masterclass

Are you new to Instagram & don’t know how to brand & grow your engagement? This 2 part workshop is going to walk you through a simple mastery process!