How To Start Your Online Business With Less Than $100 & How To Remove All The Objections You May Have Around That Possibility!

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With the online space overun by the buzz words such as “leave your 9-5,make 6 figures in fast, grow your income with ease etc” it’s natural that anyone would want a piece of the pie right?

And if you’ve been an influencer, blogger, creative, someone who wishes to start a side hustle that does not require more office hours, then it’s evident that you would naturally gravitate towards the idea of starting your own business. The bad news is, it requires tenacity and patience; but the great news is that ANYONE WHO HAS THESE CHARACTERISTICS or willing to learn can do so in a matter of a month or less.

It’s become easier to start a business today as it was 10 years ago.It’s also cheaper to begin if you’re committed to the learning curve and mastering the art of resourcefulness. As a teenager I watched my mother launch multiple entrepreneurship ventures which had some success until closing or passing on shop. I never thought, nor imagined that I would take a similar path! But when 3 years ago when the “make money online boom” started, I was drawn to it. And so I gradually shifted my then blog into an online business. And over that time I’ve amassed so many amazing skills and know how around the internet that got me clients where I’ve helped customized and build their websites, intergrate their systems, help them get clarity & confidence and got my opportunity of my new 9-5 positions as a marketing co-ordinator.

I never went to business school, I never owned a credit card, I never had someone to hand me money to start, I never did any crowd funding. What I had and still have today is PASSION and curiousity to learn , especially how things work. So again, patience and willingness to be as resourceful as possible helped me build my online business with little to NO money, so today, if your desire is to start your own “side hustle, influencer business, coaching business” and you’re in the same position this post will guide you!

So… how to do you start your online business with less than US$100? Let’s break it down!

Step 1 - What type of business are you going to create

Step 2 - What is the mission, purpose vision of your business

Step 3 - How are you going to make the revenue “your who" & “your what”

Step 4 - Setting up your system ‘legalities, visibility platform - starting small Website social media and maximizing the resources”

Step 5 - Remaining consistent, disciplined & focused “your plan & map” - Action map “content map, marketing map, joint ventures “

Step 6 - Embodying the entrepreneurial mindset & attitude

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