How To Show Up Online With Powerful Poise & Presence

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I started my business by accident. In 2016 I was a seasoned lifestyle blogger making extra income via sponsorship in exchange for content & gifting from brands. At the time I loved what I did but I knew that there was space for more. I wanted to build a blog that got me pr invitations, and the level of success other bloggers like Chriselle Lim was receiving <<inspiration>>

One morning I woke up to a New York fashion week invite and I freaked. My first thought was is this spam? SO of course, I felt hesitant to open the email or click for the fear of a trojan... but when I did, I was surprised that it was legit! After 8 years of journal releasing and blogging, to finding my sweet spot, to building collabs, to building a blogging brand, I got my goal. There was one problem...

I did NOT have a visa. So I could not go. "p.s. I got the visa that summer".

Here's what I learned during that experience

➝ Be clear on what you want in life and business

➝ Always take the chance even when you're unsure of where it will lead to or even where to start, or when you're afraid

➝ Follow your passions and be dedicated to the end goal

➝ Be open, willing and curious to learn and grow

➝ ALWAYS be prepared for opportunities "because you might miss them".

Building my blogger brand expanded the following year where I built a platform with content contributors, more sponsorships and a lot of fun! UNTIL ... a blog coach I was following held a 4-hour masterclass and showed us how much we could leverage our skills beyond just blogging. It was insightful, it was strenuous, and the following year proved to be challenging during the transition.

I made the decision to become a blog coach, helping other bloggers build their brands, and also provided a done for you service in creating the pdf & package optins since I mastered using Canva & content development. What I was not prepared was

➝ Fear & comparison

➝ Guilt and shame for charging more than the $50-200 I was charging as a blogger

➝ Overwhelm and burnout

➝ Lack of resources

During the first year as a coach, I cried, I struggled, I beat myself up, I was tired..and I went back and forth with can I really do this! 2.5 years later.. I've proven that I can.

From the 2 dozen women I've worked with personally, the 3 live coaching masterclasses I've held, the interviews and collaborations I've done, the publications I've received, the technical, coaching, marketing & branding skills I've developed, and above all the coaches I worked with myself to help me get my footing and grounding in the coaching industry AND MY LIFE, I managed to do it. But the major lessons learned during that period were

➝You CANNOT go at it alone

➝You will fail, but that's part of the process so make sure you fail forward

➝Never give up, keep going, keep focusing EVENNNN when it's really reallllly hard

➝PATIENCE is truly an art..MASTER IT, thank me later

➝Unless you own your voice and your power, don't bother.

The coaching industry is a billion dollar one and almost everyone on the social sphere is trying to get a piece of it. And there is for everyone. BUT what separates those who succeed at it and those who don't is RESILIENCE! Those who understand deeply that success is a combination of small wins...

That's why I remain a coach. And that's why you're beginning. You're a resilient woman deep down & together we're going to unearth her. Welcome to my atelier.

Over the next couple days/weeks I will be sharing with you a few tools to begin your journey, but I do have one thing to say. This journey is not for the weak at heart. It's going to push you, it's going to test you, it's going to challenge you. BUT it's also going to be rewarding. You too have a gift to share, a skill to evolve, lives to transform and together 'with the support of the divine as well" we're going to make it happen!

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