Mistakes To Avoid When When Building A Website

Mistakes New Entrepreneurs & Coaches Make When Building A Website #seo #website #business #branding #girlboss.png

Many new entrepreneurs can make many mistakes, and lots of them tend to occur fairly early on in the business game. One of the biggest minefields out there is the website. Getting a website right for a startup or coaching business is key, as it gives off the right message to potential customers and is open for them to view and learn about you & your services 24/7. But how to you know which mistakes to avoid? Here are some of the most common ones when building your own website below.


1.Creating A Site That is NOT responsive.

A site that’s responsive right off the bat is key. In today’s age, majority of internet users do use laptops and computers, but many rather browse on their tablets and smartphones. This means your site needs to be prepared for any device it is going to be viewed on. People should not have to pinch and scroll for miles to find what they are looking for. Squarespace is a great built in platform that allows you to preview what your site looks like even before going live.

2. sites that Don’t Strike The Right Balance

Striking the right balance between creativity and functionality in your web design is key. It should work well, so that people can find what they are looking for easily, and it should look great. Focusing too much on one or the other will hinder your results. While making sure your site looks great is important, it should also function well in all aspects, both in the search results and when your audience are searching for something.  

3. Not Taking proper Time With The Copy

Your website copy needs to entice your audience, be clear and descriptive, and tell them everything they need to know about what you/your products do. Taking your time with the copy, making sure it’s grammatically correct and free from spelling errors is imperative. There are services for this if you need them. One of my favourites is grammarly.

4. Not Buying Or Using A Professional Domain

Buying a domain is a must, and it’s ridiculously cheap to do so. There really is no excuse! A site without a domain looks unprofessional and it can be tough to change domains later on. Get it now and you’ll do yourself a favor.

5. Attempting To Do It Yourself WITHOUT Proper Guidance.

Even though Squarespace gives you the capacity to design your website in under a few hours, without the right navigation and understanding of your overall brand, layout and the creative visual element it can still pose as a challenge. Additionally, you can learn many skills on YouTube, but once again, application of this with mastery is definitely a required asset, and and sometimes applying the same knowledge and experience to your website that somebody who has been doing it for years will be able to has a great variation. Take my site for example, if you visit waybackmachine to see what it looked liek 2 years ago..it’s been a long journey of understanding and application.

6. The Use of Generic or Low Quality Imagery

Your images can help sell your product/services to people. Clear images are a must, and ideally they will be original images, not stock images. If you’re taking product pictures, they should be high quality, taken in natural light, and should be in alignment with your brand!

Of course there are so many more mistakes that you can make with a website when you’re just starting out, which is why I would like to invite you to my signature program Business Sizzle Mastery. One of the core tenets of this 4 month business building mentorship is the branding and position on your business as a high end brand online. From the onset we focus on message mastery in order to align the core essence of your brand, and taking that online in order to be known as a go to authority in your industry. As a squarespace circle member we ensure that you’re also building a website that connects, captivates and converts your audience into paying customers/clients.


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