You were created and put on this earth for an assignment that ONLY YOU can complete! Let’s talk about your Brand Message!

How to ensure that your brand message stands out #branding #messageclarity #brandingtip #marketingtips #lifetransformation #goals #successquotes #successtips.pngHow to ensure that your brand message stands out #branding #messageclarity #brandingtip #marketingtips #lifetransformation #goals #successquotes #successtips

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Welcome back to another episode of the Elegant Success cafe podcast. I’m your lovely hostess and mentor Menellia Valcent and on this show, I'm going to help you navigate your lives and your businesses, through ease, grace, and mastery. On today's’ show I wanna talk to you about authenticity and being yourself, & owning your story.

I literally was listening to a sermon very shortly and something was said and that is…

Welcome to this I hope you're doing amazing hope you've been having an amazing year so far. Today is the 18th of January 2019 already. Wow, we’re halfway through the month already! So let's talk about you and your story and why is really important that you own that with full mastery & no apology, and 10% giving yourself permission to just OWN IT!

So I was listening to a sermon by Devon Franklin & he said something that everything my entire business revolves around and that is you were put on this planet to complete an assignment that only you were meant to do! One of the things that I focus mostly on my comes to helping women build their businesses is navigating through that message mastery & really understanding and awning the story.

When I was doing most lifestyle & mindset coaching, the sole goal was always they help women own their pains and use that as a source of power in order to create a lifestyle that they are going to thrive in! So when I navigated across or incorporated is how to use that thing that you're ashamed of sharing, or afraid of sharing, and using that as your source of power. That makes sense right!

You were created and put on this earth for an assignment that only you can complete.

No one in this world can ever replicate what it is that you have been through, what you have experienced and how you use that to your advantage. Absolutely no one can never replicate that thing only you have. Think about it just one minute; when you look at your skillset when you look at your business, your gifts especially if you're brand new, you may think that the online space is extremely saturated; and you probably say to yourself you’re never going to be seen, no one will ever work with me, they have been doing it longer than I have, they already have testimonials, I’m brand new, oh my goodness why would someone pay me?

You know you always focus so much on the why not, you know the reason why something can’t happen as opposed to looking at it from a different perspective. And if you really allow yourself to see that story in a positive light you will see so much difference in your business. When I booked my first clients it wasn't because of strategy it wasn't because of you know I had all the different systems set up, yes these things came afterward; but when I got my first client it was because I put out there a 40 page memoir sharing my story & sharing the things that I had been through.

I knew exactly what steps I had to go through, I knew the things that I had to shifted in my life, the things that I have to eliminate, all of the steps and avenues that I had to ensure that I had to put in place in order to get to the other side. So I was already ahead, maybe five steps ahead of these women and that really help me owning that story and that power.

So because of the value that you bring to the 0.0000001% of the 7.7 billion of persons on this planet, it is absolutely uniquely yours & no one can ever replicate that.

  • not your voice

  • not your personality

  • not your tone

  • not your appearance

  • not how you deliver your message

  • not your essence

That special something, that's where the assignment comes into play. No one can ever replicate that. They could try, but they could never ever replicate it word for word.

And that is where you need to really figure out, how can I use this gift, this experience, this story to my advantage in order to really grow myself, business, tribe, and really create that impact that you wanna create in the lives of others, as you leverage that with power, confidence and resilience.

And it's not just about you putting out there a program and saying I’m ready for business. You really need to ensure that you’re utilizing that power, that message, that story in a way of service. It’s not just about receiving but also giving. If you flip the camera around and ask yourself, how can I be of service, how can I show up confidently, how can I own my unapologetic resilience, you will begin to create so much clarity& grown as that uniqueness comes into play.

At the end of the day before you sit down and you put are there well I want to make $10,000, this is my goal for this month, and you’re going through the process once again struggling & trying to go through it with strategy strategy strategy, this is where the assignment comes into play. Ask instead how am I here to change lives, to impact the lives of other persons, and what exactly am I here to do. How can I leverage the things that I have gone through, how can I leverage the experience that I amassed, the skills that I have amassed, that is where you will find the definition of your assignment as a coach, as a service entrepreneur, and in that space you will begin to see clarity, you will begin to create impact, you will begin to create freedom and definitely income in your life and your business!

if you're not sure how to bridge the gap between your story and what you’re here to be of service in “your assignment”.If you're not sure how to bridge that gap, I do have for you a message clarity workbook that you can download for free. it is 20 pages long and I’m walking you through 3 Steps that you can take right now today in order to get clarity on that number one essence in order for you to move forward in your business.

That is going to help you massively get visibility, increase your reach, increase the impact you create in the world, in the lives of other persons & definitely increases the growth in your business, if you want to get access to that, hit the button below to get access now.

Thank you once again for listening to this episode, make sure to share with your colleagues, your community, your tribe & I’m gonna see you in the next one!

xx Bisous