How to create an irresistible lead magnet to grow your list

How to create an irresistible lead magnet to grow your list #emailmarketing #leadmagnet#mindset #seo #website #business #branding #girlboss.png

If your desire is to grow a community of inner circle clients for the long term, one of the things you may want to focus on is a validated list of "leads".

But to do that, you can no longer simply say "subscribe to my newsletter". Everyone is now more skeptical about who they provide their confidential information to as the rise a spam and constant email becomes more prevalent for online business but there IS a way to capture and retain your audience as a coach!

In this video I walk you through how to increase the chance of your potential inner circle client handing over their data to you! Get comfy and watch the full video below!

Are you ready to magnetize your tribe?

I'm all about the stories.. I'm fascinated by them all.I remember when I was a teenager in secondary school, we would all huddle around in a group and tell stories of what's happening in our neighborhoods "nothing bad", or talk about controversial topics.. and it was magnetic.⠀
Everyone would be connected ,and everyone would leave satisfied because they were delighted in the end.Have you ever thought what it would feel like if you could share a similar connection with your Inner Circle community?If every time you sent an email, went live, share a post, wrote a blog, you would magnetize their attention and delight them at a level they never felt possible?


Feeling like Your Business Message Is Misaligned? Maybe You're Feeling Insecure About Sharing Your Brand? I Would Like To Share With You 3 Steps I Took To Create More Synchronicity In My Business & How You Can Implement Them Into Your Framework So That You Can Start Magnetizing The RIGHT PEOPLE. I Have Packaged This In A Powerful 20 Page PDF Guide & Workbook Just For YOU!