Bonjour Darling - Your Chic Femme Element Quiz Results Are In. Based On Your Details, You Seem To Be Engulfed By The

Hopeful Nice Girl!.png

Oh the hopeful nice girl keeps giving out of love, hoping that someday it will be returned to her.... does that feel familiar. Maybe you've been giving too much to your relationships, community, or your job and you feel unappreciated. You're not seeing the results from your efforts, and you feel like you're about to exhaust yourself. You have boundaries, but sometimes you bring them down out of the loving goodness of your heart. And quite frankly - it's not serving you. Your desire is to experience reciprocity, be surrounded with love, not having to push too much, and you wanna feel pampered if we're being honest. Because why not? Don't worry, we can change that.  By becoming a woman, who's embodying her elegant soul - the woman who has boundaries in place and serve from a space of confident grace. The best part is, you can begin to embody that right now. You can begin to cultivate more joy in your life so that you're more self aware of what your core values are and how to bring that across into your daily existence. I love to call this...

Discovering Your Joy Factor!

On this powerful training call, you're going to give yourself the permission to say YES to what feels good and aligned for the purpose of your highest self. Your most empowered woman. The woman YOU desire to become. This exercise is EXTREMELY powerful, because sometimes, we're unaware or won't acknowledge the where, who, or what is keeping us in that space of lack, scarcity, pain and fear. And sometimes it can really just be OURSELVES! And if your desire is to create more meaning, purpose, flow and joy in your life this is step one. Now you may think, "what does joy & beauty have to do with this". but our aim to ensure that you don't overlap into the exhausted people pleaser identity by beginning to cultivate your elegant success now! Now that you've identified how much you give to others and none to you, you can shift that so that you can show up more grounded and present and of course in the feeling of ease in your business and your life. And I believe that an empowered woman should give herself the gift of luxury first because it teaches her to open more to receiving.  You will also receive a  self reflection journal so that you can begin to take the next action step in order to create the space to receive all that is good and abundant.

Let’s Release The Hopeful Nice Girl

Tomorrow I will sharing with you on HOW you can begin to discovering your joy factor!