Here At The Atelier. We Encourage & Support Overwhelmed Introverted Women In Building Confidence, Designing Thriving Businesses & Cultivate Lifestyles Of Ease?



Are you ready to amplify your systems & growth strategy so that you can truly focus on your contribution to the world?  



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A VIP Intensive Day targets the key moves you need to make in your business in order to accelerate your efforts in building a strategic marketing funnel and revenue plan that allows you to increase your influence and get more targeted clients consistently.

6 power-packed hours can turn your expensive hobby into a profitable online business with a customized success strategy & plan to back it up! You're here because...

You're tired of trading your time for pennies & you want to make more money, create impact and experience the life you're dreaming of! 

You're ready to do what it takes to get productive, focused and create impact in the world with your gifts and passions

You are ready to embody your condifent C.E.O role as a coach, ladypreneur or virtual assistant!


During this day we also ensure that you’re not harboring any limitations or fears keeping you from showing up as a confident ladypreneur, as well as eliminate the habits preventing you from being the high performing woman you’re able to show up as. This is my favourite way to work with women 1:1 because it really gives them the space and opportunity to push their boundaries and do the work. As such this VIP day is EXTREMELY LIMITED to a number of slots. Additionally, it's only available to those who are COMMITTED and ready to do the hard work required for the pay off in their business! So If You're Still On The Fence, Not Willing To Implement The Work, Want A Quick Fix Or No Ready To Invest The Time, Money & Energy? Then This ISN'T for you! 

So who is it for?

  1. You’re Unapologetically Ready To Give Yourself Full Permission To Becoming Empowered As You Build A Profitable & Sustainable Coaching Empire & You Have A Deep Desire To Finally Launch Your Signature Program, And Start Making A Profit, RIGHT NOW!!.
  2. You’re An Ambitious AND EARLY STAGE Female Coach, Looking To Take The Hustle And Stress Out Of Her Life & Building Her Business
  3. You’re Ready To Accelerate More Joy, More Energy & Emotional Abundance In Every Area Of Your Life And Business By Transform Your Life Forever! 
  4. You’re Ready To Be More Productive, Intentional & Serve With More Passion In Your Coaching Business
  5. You’re Ready To Majorly Invest In Yourself & You’re Willing To Take Full Responsibility For Your Life And Get OUT Of The Past
  6. You’re Coachable And Not Afraid To Implement The Actions We Agree Are Going To Take You To The Next Level
  7. You’re Desiring To Have The Daily Habits & Mindset To Continuously Grow And Scale With Ease
  8. You Understand The Value Of Coaching And You’re Ready To Work With A High-Level Mentor Who Has Walked Your Heels And Understands What You’re Feeling
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I'm gonna show you how to get aligned, monetize your passion & once and for all create the success you want in your business!

Here’s some of things we will do together

Get you some Mindset Mastery (WEALTH MINDSET & MONEY STORY, CORE values & DESIRES )

  • During this core focus we're going to identify your core values, purpose & and your boldly unapologetic vision for your business and life!! You will unleash the ugly mindset towards wealth, money & success you adopted from being in the wrong school of life; so that you can confidently begin to command the prices you desire as a high end business badass! 

Messaging Mastery(refining or defining your sould client, signature element and premium offering)

  • During this core focus we're going to refine your soul client, and how you’re going to monetize your passion/purpose & the exact solutions  you will provide to achieve extraordinary client transformations.  You will learn how to package together your expertise, experience, education, and passion for making a big transformation in the work you do. We'll design your soul client Avatar by  understanding their goals desires, and pain points by  conducting smart market research in order to pinpoint the most lucrative niche in your industry
  • Next we'll define your business goals and craft a premium package/program in order to ensure that you're attracting the right clients, charging the right prices, and achieving the right milestones.

Client Relationship & Performance mastery ( Marketing plan & C.E.O Blueprint)

  • During this core focus we'll lay down your list building structure, content plan & business goals strategic business plan & structure  for the next 6 months. You will learn how to become and make impact as an authourity in your industry. During this time we'll also create an effective lifestyle routine for you so that you can consistently show up gracefully as you leisurely hustle. 

What To Expect

I won't lie to you. It’s going to be REALLY freaking intense "but just for a bit" because it's the kind of intense that you feel when you fall head over heels in love. I am bringing out the whiteboard, the wine and lots of sticky notes to help you get the clarity & direction you need in order to be on top of your business game. You’ll be pumping with fierce, positive energy that makes you want to tell everyone you know how freaking awesome you are and most importantly, you’ll be soooo FINALLY READY to take the world by storm! 


  • Those Powerful Breakthroughs And Aha Moments You've Been Dying To Have
  • Complete Transformation In The Way You Think And Operate As A Ladyperenur
  • Fully Embrace Those Ideas You've Been Tucking Away Because Of Insecurity
  • A Business Plan & Marketing Plan Customized And Tailored To Your Goals For The Next 6 Months - 1 Year
  • Clarified And Concise Business Goals That Even Though Seems Far Off, You Know You Will Achieve Them
  • A Client Docket Of Potential Hot On The Trail Clients Who Are Ready To Work With You 
  • A PR Strategy That Allows You To Be Seen As The Irresistible Specialist I Know You Are In Your Industry
  • The Know How Start Creating Clients & Money So That You're Free To Enjoy The Luxurious Life You Want
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Why You Should Work With Me?

Because I’m your secret weapon to creating your productive C.E.O success blueprint and showing you how to get paid to be you. I've worked in the consulting and direct sales industry in the administrative sector for the past 10 years old as an executive personal assistant, and sales administrative supervisor.

I have had the opportunity to work on world- bank funded projects, government tenders and with brands as a professional bloggers before become a coach. Thus I have a wide portfolio of working with stakeholders and direct customers  and have learned priceless strategies on how to show you how develop an effective and efficient system and goals in order to build a recognized brand, connect with your audience and truly make an impact whilst maintaining the balance and ease in your life.

I’m super passionate about creating extraordinary experiences for my clients, showing you how to make yourself irresistible and marketable, by enhancing the talents you already have to become an influencer and authority in today's competitive market.  If that's what you're needing now and committed to creating now,




On your personal identity and goals as well as your business mission and roadmap.


in who you are as a woman and your ability to deliver results as an expert service provider


to remain steadfast, resilient and focus driven on your purpose & lifestyle 


Here's How Your VIP Luxe Day Will Happen: 

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Before Our VIP Day


After your VIP Intensive is secured, you’ll receive an assessment or welcome from me so that you can prepare for & schedule for our first pre-session call together where we will outline our VIP Intensive Day.

If you're flying in to join me  in Saint Lucia you will receive a concierge kit which inludes where to stay and how to navigate to the recommended hotel. 

You will also receive a chic gift from moi only available to my VIP clients "whether you're joining virtual or in person"

During Our VIP Day

If you're joining me from out of island, I highly recommend that you fly in a day before so that you can be well rested, energized and ready for our productive strategy day ahead. 

We’ll get started around 10:00 am and will first we’ll review the goals you want to accomplish for the day “reviewing your pre-session work”. I’ll bring some mapping homework of my own so we have an outline of what we want to work on for the day. Everything we do will be intentional to reaching your business success & money goals. 

We’ll spend the first half of our session getting your business growth strategy together through brainstorming and strategizing. We’re a mastermind during this VIP day so I highly expect you to bring your a-game. After our first half of the session, we’ll break for lunch and return for the second half of our day. If you’re joining me in person lunch will be catered for you.

After lunch we’ll spend the remainder of the day fine tuning your strategic marketing plan into a rock solid sales and marketing funnel, we’ll outline the tools and systems you need to get working on post our session and we’ll wrap up our VIP day around 4.p.m with a wine or champagne toast. You will receive a special complimentary bonus from me.


After Our Vip Day

One week after our VIP day we will meet virtually for a 45 minute follow up and accountability session to discuss any issues and answer any questions you may have not thought of during our VIP day in order to continue to support you as you put your plan into action. We'll also have another call 30 days out to ensure that you're on track with your action plan and creating the goals we mapped out for you



  • Priority email access between sessions: I’m beyond committed to my clients in building their business and contributing their purpose to the world. I want to see you win big! And ss long as you are willing to put in the work, I am willing to be your concierge team to see you through it. That’s why I offer email support in between sessions. If you’re struggling to write your sales copy for your new offer, send it to me and I’ll edit and review. If you have a consultation with a client and don’t know what to say, email me and we’ll work together to create a personalized sales script. If you need a swift pep talk to help you make a big decision that has your stilettos on edge, give me a shout &  I’ll get you straight. That’s what I’m here for. To keep you grounded and on path. I’ll always respond within 24 hour Monday-Friday, to support you and encourage you to being the amazing C.E.O ladypreneur you are meant to be. 

  • Exclusive access my joie de vivre toolkit for mindset reading assignments & femininity activation "FANCY BONUS". I am a lifestyle lover and I strongly believe that having that balance and bliss will truly make every woman show up more gloriously in her work. And that's why I keep myself a toolkit of inspirational videos, chats from some of the best elegant coaches, mentors and sometimes every fancy musicspiration to maintain the mood. And I'm giving you access to that tool so that you can cultivate the habit and routine of remaining present.
  • A savvy gift delivered straight to your door. If wouldn't be elegant success if there was no presents right? So as a vip client you will receive a beautiful gift from moi just to say "bisous". 
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A VIP  Day isn’t for everyone. I’ve found it doesn't work to take on a client who simply isn’t ready to receive this kind of personal support, or is not willing to take the action required to take their business to the next level of success. So, it’s very important that we both are a fit to work with each other. Therefore, the following is the guideline for all VIP applicants:  

  • You are 1-3 years experience in your business or have gathered the experience of what you provide from your corporate "in a nutshell this VIP Day is for women who already have started their business process!
  • You are reading to invest not only the time but the money in elevating your business. Building a successful brand or generating the results you're desiring doesn't happen overnight, and you need to understand that you won't get this just from one VIP day. As such I am going to help you in developing an implementation plan and strategy in creating that results you're looking for. Additionally this financial investment is something you are absolutely ready to take a leap on. If you have difficulty with this we will create a plan for you to be abel to generate immediate finance for this program. But if it's a stretch for you and you are not willing to do what it takes the this is not the right fit.
  • You have an open mindset and coachable; meaning you are ready and willing to not only absorb and implement the solutions we come up with, but you have the attitude or willing to embody that confidence to make it work. You understand that your success is as a result of your mindset therefore, we need you to be fully on board with that concept. 

Your investment for a Virtual Business Intensive
is $3,997 or ($6,825 for In-Person Weekend)

If you're down with these terms, let's take the next step


Here's what to do next

If your soul is tellign you that this is what you need and you are ready, committed and grabbing your credit card to get started RIGHT AWAY, then you're the perfect candidate. It shows that you have tennacity and serious about your contribution to the world.  And you are ready to claim your place as an expert, as a C.E.O and as the woman who is on bringing her high performing A-game in everything she does. 

It's time for you to claim your freedom, your money, your success with this opportunity. 

And because I give my VIP clients my full attention and this program is limited to ONLY the committed client, you need to fill in an application. I highly recommend that you're as thourough as possibile with your responses. To fill in this application, click the button below.

Upon receipt, myself or my team will connect with you to schedule out interview or consultation. Together we will decide whether or not this is the perfect match, so don't hesitate to explore this interview. It's no risk, no obligation unless we're on the same page. And just by you taking that first step is shows that you are already beginning your transformation to greatness. You're choosing to show up for you and I know that just by filling in this application you will receive a POWERFUL BREAKTHROUGH!


More Client Wins

So are you committed in investing in your business and ready to attract that ideal customer base you've been seeking? 

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