Woman Unleashed™ - 90 Day Lifestyle Reset

From Her Lips


A Fabulous Affair!

Fabulous! The experience was just fabulous. And going to Paris sealed the deal that I could create anything I wanted in my life. It introduced me to the sophisticated side of myself "which if I'm being honest, didn't knew existed", my view towards wealth has increased and I can't wait to return! They say that you only have one life and you should make the best of it, well I am only just beginning.

Augustina Andra Wilfred


Closer to being the person I always wanted to be!

“After working with Menellia every aspect of my life has improved. I was introduced to “techniques” which at first didn’t make much sense to me, until I opened up to them and can now say because of this, I am a more relaxed and more focused individual. By going within my traumatic memories I was able to control my emotions and release negative energies. I also identified situations where I would get angry and react and have now been able to control myself and let go of the past and other things in my life which kept me back, weighed me down and prevented me from moving forward and making progress. I am very happy to have worked with Menellia especially as she made opening up very easy. She has helped me get closer to being the person I always wanted to be.

Valma Anthony

Hey I’m Menellia


Recovering stress lover & introverted people pleaser, emotionally drained woman, & self doubter! And I have made it her life mission to help global entrepreneurs break free from their people pleasing & scarcity syndrome and begin to create a life & business full of love, abundance & pleasure! Featured on Jennifer Hardie’s Unstoppable podcast, Choice TV Saint Lucia, Thrive Global, & Self Development Secrets to name a few, I’m using my own life experience & my trainings from working with some renowned global success & life coaches to help women embrace the art of releasing traumas, blocks, and pains and replacing that with unapologetic confidence in order to create their version of success!

So here's my question for you, if you could be, feel and do anything you desired without the fear, shame and guilt.. what would that feel and look like? Liberating? Peaceful? Exciting Maybe? Are you ready to show up more powerfully in your business? Are you ready to create and cultivate a life of more joy, more fun, more balance, more breathing, more love, more abundance once and for all? It’s time to FINALLY say au revoir to mediocrity & break the cycle of scarcity living & self loathing!

Life coach to women.png

Say Hello To Exponential Wealth & Expansive Living In WOMAN UNLEASHED™

A 90 Day Power Mindset & Lifestyle Transformation For Women!


After 90 Epic Days


Finally Saying Goodbye To Scarcity Living & Saying Hello To Your New Normal! A Life & Self You Have Unapologetically Fallen In Love With All Over Again!

  • By the end of the 90 day period, we will identify and release your limitations and scarcity patterns that are ingrained in you deeply , and the mindset and belief that you’re unworthy of success, wealth & freedom; and you’re not good enough to receive all you desire. The patterns that told you that life is all about giving to others and that you should never put yourself first. The patterns that told you pursuing your deepest desires as a woman is a sin, greed, and that only the status quo can achieve that. The patterns and beliefs that taught you that success equals scarcity and pain.

  • By the end of the 90 day period you will have more clarity around your personal brand & defined in detailed and began to embrace the life you desire to create. You will get specific on who you desire to be as a woman and what ultimate legacy you want to create for your life. You will have a clear cut vision of where you are headed & we’ll outline the first few steps of that roadmap for consistent momentum

  • By the end of the 90 day period you will have powerful and clear boundaries and deep powerful SELF RESPECT, values and standards whilst releasing and being unavailable for those that do not serve your highest good in any way.

  • By the end of the 90 day period you will finally know what it’s like to completely & unapologetically believe in yourself, love yourself with full confidence so that you can magnetize & create relationships that uplift you every step of the way moving forward.

  • By the end of the 90 day period you will strongly believe in yourself to cultivate a life built on solid foundation that grows with you, creates change, brings income and deeply supports your purpose here


My Professional And Anecdotal
Credentials For Unleashing You


Ladies with whom I've shared the fundamentals of WOMAN UNLEASHED have had miracles occur in their own lives, too.

Courageous Society Elite.JPG

Examples include:

Starting their businesses from scratch even when they had no background knowledge of where to begin

Stood up to their partner who was not supporting their dreams & finally got him be on the same wavelength as her..which resulted in massive momentum from speakign gigs, clients and income

Started her self love podcast after fearing that she wasn’t good enough to share her expertise with other women

Experiencing massive increase in productivity, confidence, and self-worth, energy levels, and in her career after months of deplete

Getting the courage to walk away from a toxic relationship after years of putting the other party before her and starting over with more ease

Deciding to have begin feeling more alive, having a family and taking her first bold trip to Paris “after letting go of the too expensive story” and sooo many more


More Lady Love Notes


Menellia Has A Way Of Simplifying EXACTLY What You Need To Do!

Menellia is such an amazing spirit. She has a way of telling you exactly what you need, in an honest, simple and understanding way. I love the guidance she gives, because she does not only give me TONS of energy, but she has a way of simplifying EXACTLY what you need to do, and she always adds proper value to our conversations. So beyond happy that I discovered her…. Relationship Coach Tiffany – www.tiffanygnaly.com“Norway”


I was able to regain my lost motivation…

I am very happy with the support I received from Menellia, she was clear and precise with all the information she shared with me. I was able to regain my lost motivation and officially launch my blog while going to school, and regardless of the time difference she was only a message away. I learned so much about myself during this journey especially that I should stay motivated no matter the difficulty and it is ok to seek assistance. I learned to make a timeline and plan on the things I want to attain and working towards them step by step. Moving forward, I am really excited about embracing my courage and adding goals to my timeline as it is so satisfying when you are working towards the goal. Thank you very much!!!Thank you for your expertise! Tara Edward - Fashion Marketing Student & Model Paris France “Melanin Obsession” + www.instagram.com/melanin.obsession


Ava released her energy zappers

“I was able to identify areas in my life which were serving as energy zappers & that were draining me and preventing me from moving forward with my goals. I love that the content given can be used and revisited in the future and I'm now creating my best life. Menellia was incredibly sweet and such a good listener, incredibly down to earth and so much fun to work with! - Ava Antoine”


It’s been history

We decided to have a chat over tea or coffee & since then it’s been history. I am soo excited and so happy to be working with such a phenomenal individual. Her mindset is where is should be, she’s aligned with everything, the quality of work is impeccable & I am still in shock!


I’ve seen these bold women transform, so I know that the possibilities for you are endless!

I know what it's like to want to give up on yourself and your dreams, to have no zeal to show up powerfully, to give away so much of your emotions and love to others, to have no balance between work and life, to feel stressed out and depleted! And everyday I come across global women who experience the similar emotions. Over the last 5 years I have dedicated myself to creating a life that reflects what I value and desire through building my confidence and letting go of the negative draining stories I've been nurtured with. And through this I have been able to not only exposed myself to the possibilities available to me, but also helped dozens of woman globally do that same. I am going to be honest, raw and open with you and I will tell you this, it might be not be the exact thing you may want to hear but this is how my clients have gotten results and started transforming their lives.


You Will Receive

12 x 50 Minute Coaching Calls With Menellia

3 Deep Immersion Playbooks For Guidance & Action Adult Play-work

1 x 15 minute OMG-I-need-to-speak-to-you call per month.

Unlimited Access To Me Via Email or Messenger For 90 Days

A Bonus Extensive Coaching Welcome Intake Playbook


Where We’re Meeting
On My Private Zoom “Virtual” Conference Line

Program Bonuses:
Access To My Manifesting Your Desires Boot-camp


this is the last time this program will be at this price after which it will increase to US$5,000

On The Pay Plan US$2,000

Commitment Deposit Of $1,000 plus 2 Monthly Payments Of $500


Woman Unleashed Is Not For You If…

You are looking for a quick fix or want to stay in your comfort zone.

You simply want to consume information without applying it to your life

You have no interest in personal growth or shifting your reality or You are not hungry for more.

You’re not willing to look deep within yourself and unravel beliefs and habits holding you back

You're wanting automatic transformation in getting everything you want by tomorrow (hmmm...not that kind of program!).

You want to just keep going from self-help book, podcast, course to self-help book, podcast, course without evolving.


The Lady Is This Experience Perfect For?

This is not for every woman & requires courage to be vulnerable and committed. You must be completely ready to invest your energy, your time and your commitment to creating a life YOU WANT!

This experience Is Perfect For you if:

You’re a Quarter life drained woman who is ready to elevate into her next level

You need a COMPLETE CHANGE & "I'm not ready yet" is a constant excuse you make.

You are a solution-maker for everyone else except yourself & you’re missing opportunities

You deeply want to raise your standards and make yourself unavailable for anything less than

You want live a life of passion, purpose and excitement— experiencing greater fulfillment in your  life.

You’re feeling an inner restlessness to discover and create your legacy but lack making commitments

You have a whatever it takes attitude and is ready to invest in the most important person in your life “YOURSELF”


Loved My Escape

It was a wake up call for me.It made me feel alive, it made me so that it's good to take a risk and that I should try new things.It make me realise that I am no longer a "kid" and allowed me to make up my mind on what my next step in life was.The experience was awesome "food, clothes, and feeling good about myself" Before I didn't care! So happy that I got to experience it because now, I’m beyond self aware & happy!


A little birdy once told me that feeling abundant, passionate and living a life of joy is your birthright!

Create Your Best Life.jpg

And I want to share that gift

Listen darling, I have been WHERE YOU ARE MULTIPLE TIMES! Thinking and feeling that wanting more for me was selfish. That I was taking away from others. That I wasn’t good enough to accept. That I had to keep pleasing and eventually the action will be reciprocated. 6 years ago I experienced my quarter life crisis. Which took me into a downward spiral of deplete FAST!! But I turned that around.

2 years ago.. the same thing happened but this time I realised a pattern. Giving my energy to everyone else who were not deserving of it and neglecting giving it to me. The love, the time, the attention, the peace, the focus , the dedication, the boundaries, the permission…From emotional trauma and scarcity drained to creating a lifestyle and business that supports women, I did it. So I know that you too are here BECAUSE you’re tired of the deplete. It’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE IT!

My coach shared with me one very important quote that has become my mantra - “ I even received printed sofa pillow gift with it” and that is - TO CREATE A LIFE YOU NEVER HAD, YOU MUST BECOME SOMEONE YOU’VE NEVER BEEN!

Know what the means? It means that in order to create your own elegant success, you much become your own success connoisseur! #themasterofit. Change IS scary, but Can also be extremely rewarding.

Play & Practice


When you approach personal development with a sense of play and are committed to having fun with the practice, anything is possible. But you also must put into practice what you’re learning. That’s how my ladies have gotten and still getting amazing results. There is a ton of information already out there and I am not available to providing you with more. I will challenge you to approach your play books with some fun. To practice with laughter and to implement what you’re learning with a sense of joie! Each phase is an elevation from the previous so be prepared to open your mind and your self to some savvy results.


Ultimately we’ll solve your scarcity paradigm and heroine to everyone else syndrome that has caused you to remain confined in people pleaser, lack of confidence and overall emotional exhaustion mode. We’ll help you finally stand up to your worth instead of sitting quiet whilst falling in love with yourself all over again, and creating an avenue to call in your abundant wealthy life! In a nutshell we will help you reactivate your passion for life & serving in a business that creates massive positive impact in the world


Reconditioned my mind

1,000,000 thank yous are in order for helping me to recondition MY mind in making moves for MYSELF. Sometimes we get so engrossed in the pursuit of our vision that we often neglect ourselves! I've been able to make some amazing life changing decisions post working with Menellia and I'm really excited!

Mandisa Morrison