The Coaching Experience

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There Are a ton of ways to enjoy the elegant success experience on this site and accompanying platforms, but you’re here because you’re the woman who desires to go deeper with cultivating her beautiful life. Here’s how you can take it up a notch.

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    Le Salon - The Digital Lounge!

    Shift From Waiting On The World To Tell You That You’re Worthy Of Living An Over EXTRAORDINARY Life, To Fully Embracing Your Inner Confidence, Passions & Joy With More Grace! Get Instant Access To The Digital Personal Mastery Lounge For Women Who Are Ready To Unearth Their Inner Passions, Strengthen Their Inner Confidence, Cultivate More Joy, Fun & Pleasure, In Life Without The Crazy Overwhelm Of Not Knowing Where To Begin! Community & Student Vault ALL For A ONE TIME FEE OF ONLY 21$!

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    Manifesting Your Desires Bootcamp!

    Someone Asked Me Once, "How Did I Make It To Paris?". Well It Was A Process And In This 2 Part Bootcamp I Walk You Through Understanding What It Means To Create Goals With Soul. Learn How To Release The Pain Surrounding Your Day To Day, Gain Clarity Around Your Personal Goals & Activate The Confidence Needed To Create Them With Exciting Energy!



    The Desires Playdate - Course

    Living A Luxurious Life Is A State Of Mind And The Desires Playdate Is A 4 Week Excursion With Yourself To Begin Embodying That. During This 4 Week Rendezvous, Shift From Having A Never Ending Identity Crisis, To Confidently Owning Your Desires As You Activate A More Meaningful Life With Passion & Poise! This Program Has Been Curated To Guide You Through Wealth, Confidence, Desires & Everyday Bliss In Order To Cultivate A Love Affair With YOU! THE DESIRES PLAYDATE IS CURRENTLY CLOSED!

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    Metamorphosis 6 Week Transformation

    When You’re Just Realizing That Your Life Is In A Space Of Chaos And You’re Not Sure What The Hell To Do, This Is Where Metamorphosis Comes In. When You’re Experiencing A Breakdown, You Experience Overwhelm, You’re In A Space Of Turmoil And Deplete And It’s Mostly Centered On Different Areas Including “Goals, Money, You Personally, Emotional Life, Energy”. This 6 Week Program Is Designed To Help You Identify Your Current Stage, Acknowledge What’s Really Going On With You, To Be Honest And Open With Yourself. It’s A Growth Process Where You Really Begin To Openly And Honestly Accept That Your Life Is Currently Chaotic, Acknowledge, Identify And Begin To Let Go Of The Things Keeping You In That Space And Start Creating More Abundance And Bliss In Your Life And Business. Tied Together This Beautiful Program Will Walk You Through The Process Of Ugly Breakdown Of The Caterpillar To Blossoming Your Wings Of Freedom As The Beautiful Butterfly!

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    Are You Ready To Live A First Class Life? This Isn't A Retreat. This Is An Escape To Emotional Liberation! A Mastermind Of Women Who Are Unapologetically Ready To Grant Themselves The Permission To Live A Luxuriously High Styled Life! So Can You Picture Yourself Claiming Your Desires In The City Of Love & Lights As Your Renew Your Energy, Your Goals, Your Courage, Your Confidence, Your Life? Yes? Really Tell Me How Does That Sound? Becoming More Emotionally Balanced, Increase Your Well-Being And Become More In-Tuned With Who You Truly Desire To Become & The Life You Want To Cultivate. Living A Secret Life Of Internal Pain Just Isn't Luxurious!! And Now It's Time To Create A Life That Is Really Representative Of YOU! To Re-Energize Yourself & Your Well-Being With Fun!

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